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SIrollers VN 5l Berlina

Hey guys,

as some will know my little runabout classic was involved in an accident and I've been looking for something new.

Pics and details here:

after many many many months of searching everything available in VIC and inspecting many cars (most of which ended up being SIGNIFICANTLY not as described!) I stumbled across a VN Berlina 5l powerpack.

  1. Factory 5l Auto
  2. LSD (tested and confirmed locking!)
  3. Powerpack: cruise / mirrors / fast glass
  4. Long range Tank
  5. FE2 suspension
Its alpine white and very stock. it came with some history and via this I was able to track down 5 owners. the seller told me it was his uncles before him so if this is true it adds another owner maybe (the owner was itlian and the previous owner didn;'t have an italian last name) nd theres also a 40,000km gap in servicing between the first owner (Rankin diesel service bayswater) and being traded in at heritage Holden lilydale.

The car was sold new at Noel Dwight Holden in lilydale and was later traded in there under it's new name Heritage Holden.

suprisingly the car has lasted well with minor mods inc:
  1. cd player
  2. VL Calais rims removed and fitted with bald chasers
  3. throttle body to inlet mani spacer (the seller said it added extra KW "rolleyes" )
  4. debadged
  5. new rear half of the exhaust
Apart from that it presents as stick including stock speakers stock suspension stock intake box (no filter) stock body etc.

I paid 2600 and it came with a boot full of parts including a spare block and about 5 metres of grey VL Calais material (same as VN Berlina)

A RW check revealed it needed:
  1. wiper blades
  2. possible oil leak
  3. brakes
  4. tyres
  5. a few globes and a few other bits and bobs.

The only real issue was the oil leak. I scrubbed under the car and there was no real evidence of a leak but when i flushed the engine for an oil change using a cap full of kerosene in the old oil and letting the car run i must have dislodged whatever was stopping the leak as it started dripping noticably.

I changed the oil and put in some engine revitaliser which on the side of the bottle promised to clog leaks. i didn't have a lot of time to let the revitaliser do its work and settle into the seals so I rang vicroads and the only obstacle I had to overcome from what i could see was the dripping on the road sirface.

it was leaking from the timing cover so i did the cheeky thing and purchased a sum bash plate so theres no oil leaking on the ground now!

I've since sourced:
VN SV5000 rims
VN Calais joystick tapedeck (series 1 specific)
VP parcel shelf
spare set of window surrounds

plans are to get the car to an everyday driver reliability status. I'll tint windows regas a/c get the cruise cotrol working and tidy it up. I chose the sv5000 rims as theyre era correct and if i drive it and park it in city parking lots and bac streets and the like theyre unlikely to be a theft target (whereas vl calais rims which were the factory rim for this car would lose centreaps in a flash!)

The vn ss had factory blackout window surrounds so i'm doing that to a spare set.

Thats sort of it for the moment. it's had a few heating issues due to having had water sitting in the radiator long term and lots of general tidying up to do.

as purchased

factory 5l FE2

the inspiration!

rebuilding and polishing brakes

25 years of finger oil and dirt

service items

so much gunk!

back together and much safer than she was! new pads new fluid new lines new seals in calipers and newly machined discs ALL ROUND

Registered and it's First wash. so much stuff kept coming out of nooks and crannies.

Daily Duties. Rose st car park Fitroy Melb on a Sunday Morning.

off to work for the week travelling country NSW. Found this VN Limo!

Bendigo Swapmeet
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Major League Rottweiler
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Well done Mitch!
Lovin the berlina! Go factory showroom spec instead of the sv5000s!
Please? Lol
Are they vl service book holders i see in that last pic?
I need some!
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Car: Car: Hq gts coupe - Vl Sl turbo bt1 - Vl nitron - Vl v8 1k001 berlina - Fg xr6 ute - LJ coupe - LX slr 5000 rep
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Spray it yellow Mitch!!
What happened to your red Vl with 5ltr conversion?
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talks a good game
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Car: vl berlina wagz
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Originally Posted by deanoVLCT View Post
What happened to your red Vl with 5ltr conversion?
copy this?
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Location: International, Chapel Street
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@steff being a tow car im a bit worried i may bake brakes behind VLC rims as they are what this car should have from showroom.

plus the VLC rims look daggy the hubcaps are nicer just theyre not corect.

Deano and ADZ the berlina i want to do properly. Yep i have too many projects and i do know this! the berlina is making slow progress. engine k frame etc is out of the VQ and we will start working on prepping and painting the front suspension and bolting that in. the engine will need new seals all over and lots of detailing.

---------- Post added 03-01-16 at 14:08 ----------

so doesnt seem i uploaded rust pics. here is the rear window. i wont show any crusty pics as you cant really see what you are looking at among all of the flakes.

drivers side

passenger side

what i filled the holes with

in the boot seal the seam at the top corners went on both sides. not perfect but I ground it back and sealed.


new updates.

windows are tinted. 20% rear 30% fronts. its excellent. everything is blacked out and its super cool inside (especially in the recent weeather.)

I tried to fit the bluetooth CD player with DAB and everything you could ever need however it wouldn't power up! So i have to do some bench testing there and figure out whats wrong. in the meantime i fitted second hand clarions from one of my wrecks to the front and brand new 6"s to the rear. I also fitted new wiring throughout the soundsystem and resoldered in the factory wiring loom for the tape deck.

a friend sorted me out with the security code and this deck is actually a series 1 type calais deck (note the CD input and the joystick!)

picked up an HSV inlet for a good price!

random interior shot

towing 2 tonne. (550kg trailer and VL Berlina 6cyl)

APV Grille purchased at the swapmeet in bendigo! unfortunately it doesn't fit requires some new holes drilled

---------- Post added 03-01-16 at 14:10 ----------

final update. she is still overheating. Its beginning to annoy me!

ive replaced the fan clutch and I have new rad hoses and a thermo in the boot. so all I can do is pull it down and start knocking out possibilities. in the end i think i'll have to twin thermo fan it.
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Old 11-07-16, 13:28   #6
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Join Date: 11-03-07
Location: International, Chapel Street
Trader Rating: (52)
well its been 6 months.

She left me on the roadside a few times with the ovrheating problem which was eventually tracked down to a leaky end tank.

Enzed completed a full rebuild and flush of a spare 3 core radiator and its been fine since.

In the meantime ive picked up a few more small nbits and done this and that like fixing door seals.

Theres still tonnes to do but im enjoying driving it atm plus its winter and motivation is almost nil.
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