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Car: 88 N/A VL BT1
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Sluggish Poor Bad Weak Acceleration VL RB30E

G'day guys,

So I've managed some time to work on the VL and somehow fix the missing 6 cylinder through some probing (another thread).

Hoping I can get a few ideas on some things to check on this sluggish VL

The issue I'm having now is a matter of poor acceleration and lack of power.
The car is by all means drive-able, just feels super lacking and sluggish, especially from stationary. It seems great when idling, just splutters a little bit when I put my foot on the go pedal, and doesn't seem to have the acceleration I remember from my last VL.

In neutral it's a bit better at climbing revs, just when It's in gear and needs to go is where I'm seeing issues

Back Story:
I had the car in storage for a few years and have just now got around to getting it to where I live now to start working on. I've checked compression and seems fine, changed Oil / filter, Leads, Plugs, Fuel filter, air filter, swapped AFM's, changed fuel pressure regulator, cleaned injectors (home job), cleaned off flux from dizzy cap.

Checked all hoses are connected. I'd found a disconnected hose on the intake manifold that runs to the charcoal canister, putting this back on dramatically improved idle. Does the charcoal canister need to be serviced somehow?

Air Fuel Mixture?
After cleaning out the throttle body and checked the piping for leaks, I've checked the Air flow mixture resistance on the AFM and it was sitting at about 260ohms, which I've now adjusted to 380ohms and it does run smoother. Other voltages seem within range for that. I was also getting an AFM circuit error code from the ECU, but that has cleared and am now only getting the standard 14-23-31-34 codes.
I've attempted to check the Air/Fuel Mixture is good on the ECU by doing the "Sit car on 2000 rpm for 2 mins, then check the ECU LEDs for the green and red LED's to flash in unison while revving,
But I'm only getting the green LED flashing, and it isn't a steady. IOIOIOIO flashing, it's more a IOIOIOOIIO sort of flash, and the Red LED is solid as a rock is my ECU buggered? Can I check that?.

Changing the fuel was a massive improvement in the performance. I'd jiggle siphoned the old fuel out of it and it literally looked like a bucket of Fanta just came out of my car. Sadly, I did this after I changed the fuel filter, cleaned the injectors, and replaced the fuel pressure regulator with one from a wreckers. Could this old fuel have fouled my new filter up? I don't have the manpower to drop and drain the tank at the moment, so the siphon is all I've been able to do.

I'm running 98 exclusively on this vehicle, and have advanced the timing up to 20 deg. Had it on bog standard 15 prior, but it's idling / responsive a lot better since changing.
I've a new CAS on it's way and plan on making the swap out next weekend.

I've read some threads where the TPS might be a cause of this, but not certain as to how to troubleshoot it, is it just a replace it kind of deal?

Rear muffler got smashed going up the driveway and pinched the pipe between it and the center muffler, there's a good hole in the piping now, can't get the air out well enough?

Nothing's been done.

Sorry for the long post, just if someone has any extra ideas I can check and how I might be able to test them, it would be great and give me something to do on the weekend.

Cheers and thanks in advance,
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Join Date: 11-08-15
Location: Sydney, Western Suburbs
Car: 88 N/A VL BT1
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I'm posting this reply for anyone that might come across a similar issue with their VL that may have been stationary for a while, or if anyone is looking for information to troubleshoot a similar symptom.

So I've had a chance to actively work on this over the weekend, and it's look like it was entirely an injector issue.
The injectors I removed from the car originally had a home job clean and put back onto the car. After troubleshooting a number of things already, I decided to chuck another set of injectors in it from a VL that was at the wreckers.
After doing a side by side comparison between my injectors, and these "new" ones, the issue came apparent that my injectors were indeed corroded and 'fouled' far more than the ones I just picked up. The injection points on the old set were brown, appeared to have bits and pieces of gunk around them, and the O rings were all but disintegrated.

After changing out and putting in the better condition injectors, priming the fuel through it, it fired up and the sluggishness had disappeared. Car runs like new.
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