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Calais Radio wont turn off.

Hi guys, I come here in my time of need. I hope I can get the help I need. I have an 86 Calais with the stock cassette player/radio. About a week ago I noticed that the power antenna wouldn't go up or down but I didn't think much of it because I lubed it up before and it went back down. Then a couple of days ago I tried turning the radio off/ turned it to the off position and it still stays on even if I Take the key out of the ignition? Or sometimes the led screen will be off and the left speaker still plays music even with the key out. I checked the radio fuse in the fusebox and it's fine? Is there an internal fuse or something inside the stock radio? I hope you guys can help me because it's really annoying me.

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Also now the power antenna stays up no matter what I do.
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havent heard of that one before. i know they use to blow internal wiring so people would install an extra earth or relay or something but i recon thatd probably kill it.

if you want theres a guy in melb i know who you could post it too. hes an ex eurovox technician and i can vouch for him rebuilding calais tape decks to as new!
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