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VSI-50 new laws about to be past bye bye modded cars

The RTA has put a date (September 29 2011) on when the current vehicle modification rules will cease to exist and t...he new (communist nanny state style) rules will come into effect.
Heres a just preview of whats installed for all of us (and theres something here for everyone):
- You can no longer increase your tyre rolling diameter by more than 15mm for passenger cars. So for get about fitting a nice pair of 26" street radials on the rear of your muscle cars & no more 20-22" rims for the ricers.
- Replacement engine sizes will be drastically reduced. So no more 308's in LJ toranas, no more 350's in LX toranas, no more V8's in capri's or cortinas, etc, etc. And as for forced induction, with the limits to be imposed you wont even be able to turbo or blow your original engines in most cases.
- Streetrods will become a thing of the past.
- You can no longer increase your tyre rolling diameter by more than 50mm on your everyday ride. So no more fitings a set of 35's to your patrol or landcruiser and if your lucky you may just be able to fit a set of 31's to your hilux navara triton or rodeo. How crazy's that.
- You will no longer be able to raise your vehicle cab more than 6" total, inclusive of that resulting from suspension lifts, body lifts and from larger tyres.
- To get a vehicle lift (like just mentioned) for more than 2" engineer certfied will set you back thousands with all the bul**** testing that will have to be done on a closed circuit test track. From what I here it will need to be done on an unused air-strip, so you will be going somewhere like goulburn or somewhere in the sticks to do it & good luck getting an engineer to travel that far away to do it for you. This **** will end up impossible to get done.
- Bye bye modified 4Wd's and the massive small business workshops and parts industries that it supports. Hello social security.
- Well all ive got to say is do you remember VSI-50 ! Bye bye chassis notches, drop-spindle & fitting 20" wheels. Bye bye minitrucks and the massive small business workshop and parts industries that it supports. Hello social security.
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well that doesnt sound fun at all lol
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The majority of the things you listed are already illegal. Be interesting to read the actual changes once vicroads put them somewhere...
NSW Govt tried to bring in VSI50 a while ago but they met with 4wd owners who cracked it and then it ended up being cancelled. That was mainly to do with limiting suspension modifications without actually warranting or testing it... just a blanket ban.

From another forum:

Dear chris

Thanks to your efforts, we have made the Keneally Labor Government scrap its plans to introduce harsh vehicle modification laws (VSI-50).

This is a win for all 4WDers and car enthusiasts.

I will keep you updated on any further ill-conceived Labor plans, but please contact me with any other NSW roads issues.

Thank you and please remember to drive safely as we approach the festive season.

Kind Regards

Andrew Stoner MP
Leader of The Nationals
Shadow Minister for Roads

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I think you mean "what's in store" not
whats installed for us
so you're actually predicting a noticeable rise in unemployment due to this ?
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Lucky i dont like 4x4 or faggot trucks
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15mm rolling diameter is already in effect

It's a better rule than the original 2" rim size rule

None of those really seem to affect VL's really....
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Wait. So are these rules over-ruled/thrown out as PROGMH said?
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