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NSW, Vict and Q'land Automotive Engineers

The Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) is a scheme for certification of modified, imported and individually constructed vehicles in Victoria. It replaces the former Recognised Engineering Signatory (RES) scheme.

A single sheet, the VASS Approval Certificate, replaces the Engineer's Report used in the previous scheme

To obtain an Approval Certificate you will need to engage the services of a VASS Signatory authorised to certify the class of modification or vehicle for which you need the certificate.

A VASS Signatory who provides an Approval Certificate must:
  • Personally inspect the vehicle
  • Ensure all work, including any modification, is correctly carried out: and,
  • Certify that the vehicle complies with the applicable standards.
The VicRoads copy of the Approval Certificate must be presented, together with the vehicle, at a VicRoads Registration and Licensing Office for registration, or to have it's description changed. If the vehicle is to be registered, the usual supporting documentation will need to be supplied.

Note: VicRoads cannot accept an Approval Certificate more than 30 days after the date of issue. However, this time period can be extended for modified Heavy Vehicles, provided the vehicle has not travelled more than 1000km after the certificate is issued.

List of signatories by location
Issued 8 April 2003

Urban Victoria

Archie Robertson (VASS No. 2006)
Archie Robertson Auto & Marine Services
Factory 4, 15 Edelmaier St
03 9729 9776

Colin Young (VASS No. 1017)
Dynex International Pty Ltd
1/5 Braeside Dr
03 9580 3024

Hulbert Gall (VASS No. 1005)
E H Gall & Associates
1024 Toorak Rd
03 9889 5776

David Stannus (VASS No. 1003)
Protech Developments Pty Ltd
8 Damosh Ave
03 9775 0133

Bill Malkoutizis (VASS No. 1011)
Talk Torque Automotive
48 Hillcrest Rd
03 9575 2347
0409 439 315

Chris Drabikowski (VASS No. 1008)
Ceedra Services Pty Ltd
164 Bridge Rd

Bernard Collins (VASS No. 1006)
Bernard Collins & Partners
5 Bourke Rd
03 9743 8818

Ian Prain (VASS No. 1022)
Prain Consulting
74 Ahern Rd
03 5941 4766
0408 799 350

Jeff Watters (VASS No. 1025)
Applied Engineering Analysis Pty Ltd
636-638 Park Rd
03 9876 7664

Kevin Williams (VASS No. 1001)
Williams Automotive Engineers
47 Butler Rd
03 9427 7344

Rowan Carter (VASS No. 1023)
Cartech Pty Ltd
65 Butler St

Frank Fordham (VASS No. 1028)
Vehicle Systems Engineering
17-19 Walhalla Dr
03 9870 0121

Gary Le (VASS No. 1004)
Lena Engineering Pty Ltd
23 Townview Ave
03 9837 5771

Country Victoria

John Miller (VASS No. 2013)
MBI Engineering Services
902 Latrobe St
03 5335 8450

Peter Holden (VASS No. 1014)
Matward Engineering
144 Strickland Rd
03 5443 8459

MERBEIN (Mildura Area)
Peter Turner (VASS No. 1019)
Teched Australia Pty Ltd
46 Box St
03 5025 2453

MIRBOO (Gippsland Area)
Ken McHarg (VASS No. 1024)
K McHarg Pty Ltd
Lot 5 Walkers Rd
03 5664 8278

John Lyons (VASS No. 1031)
North East Automotive Consulting
4 Drummond St
03 5754 4953

NSW Signatories (Authorised to issue VASS Approval Certificates)

Peter Smith (VASS No. 1015)
Peter L Smith Engineering Pty Ltd
14 Little St
02 4655 9440

Morry Akbarian (VASS No.1012)
Mobility Engineering
Unit 3/28 Leighton Pl
02 9482 4572

John Moffat (VASS No. 1033)
John D Moffat Pty Ltd
57 Green Point Rd
02 6459 6026

QLD Signatories
(Authorised to issue VASS Approval Certificates)

Ray Miller (VASS No. 1029)
Ray Miller Pty Ltd
6 Cloglan St
07 3300 4700

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