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DEETS Project

Hey, my names Daniel Taylor, i've been on this forum for a little while now and have finally decided I should do a write up of my VL and the work done to it.

Firstly I purchaced this clean straight 1987 SL Commodore locally in 2002 after seeing an ad in the Trading Post, I did have my heart set on getting a nice VH SLE, but after seeing this, I had to have it.

I drove it like this for a while, and then my mates started getting into 4WD's and since I wanted to join in and not wanting to keep taking the VL on camping trips where the 4WD's were going, I decided to buy one!

My GQ Nissan Patrol Wagon

So not being able to afford running the 2 vehicles the VL eventually ran out of rego and sat around for a couple of years.

Then there was a stage where I was off work injured for a while and I found this forum, reading about other peoples projects and problems and fixes, I decided to do some work on my VL.

This is when I began buying parts of the forum and ebay to do a turbo conversion, deciding on going the high comp route, it hasn't let me down yet.

When cleaning it up is when I wrote the tech article on cleaning the lifters.
I re-rego'd it and drove it around NA for a while, went on a cruise and got the urge to complete the conversion

I bought just a standard factory setup, but the further along I got, the more I wanted to do to it, I bought a GKTech No Hole Intercooler Kit and got a mate to make up a 3" Exhaust, bought a catch can and bought some wheels off a mate to put on it, new headlights and indicators cleaned up the front.

This is how it stayed for almost a year until one Saturday arvo in Nov 07 coming home from work that a guy decided to take a illegal right turn, which made for a series cars bank up behind him and I happened to be No. 3 in a 4 Car Pile Up.

So smashed front and rear and me having only 3rd party insurance, I had to cover the car in front and the one that hit me had to cover me. Having a mate working at a panel shop, the car got assessed and was a finacial write off for the rear damage, after fighting with the insurance company to get the full pay out, I finally got the money and bought back the car for $200.

With one mate being a panel beater and the other as a painter, they offered to help me fix it up, I purchaced new headlights again, new taillights, all new bars, and a replacement bonnet, boot, moulds, skirts and a calais front courtesy of WOGPSI all in the same colour, it made it a bit easier to match up.

With a goal of having it completed ready for the Victorian leg of the Cruise For Charity 5, I didn't expect it to take until the night before to have it done. Leading up towards the completion I needed to get new number plates as mine were damaged from the crash, after finding out that to keep the same combination would cost me $77, I considered Customised Plates.
Looking on the forum I was thinking of getting GMHVLT but after my mum said their stupid cause you can see what the car was, you didn't have to be told, I decided to get something else, DEETS which is a nickname, was available so I got them, and put them on in time for C4C5.

Just going to enjoy it for a while with no real future plans just as yet, unless I win the lottery,
Thanks for reading my story, hope ya like it, I know I do!
Originally Posted by deanoVLCT View Post
Bloody love hate with vlts dead set wanna kill it sometimes

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Great story mate. Good Luck for any future modifications!
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great story any underbonnet pics of it after the rebuild? still running a cooler?
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Underbonnet is still the same, and yeah still running the GKTech No Holes Front Mount Cooler.
Originally Posted by deanoVLCT View Post
Bloody love hate with vlts dead set wanna kill it sometimes
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Just upgraded the suspension and put in King Superlow springs and KYB Excel-G shortened shocks, Nolathane Strut tops and SuperPro Adjustable Panhard Rod and front Swaybar Link Bushings.

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Had some time off work and went about installing the built engine I bought in Feb 2011 into my car,
Original engine, had seen better days, would have been well over 350,000km in it, odometer been dodgy for a while, had a oil leak front cam seal I think, used to drip oil all the time, made a mess everywhere.

New engine when it was still in Chris' (vltrb-0) Car.

Painted the rocker cover wrinkle red.

Engine Specs;

Bottom End:
Rb30 A8 block
7.8:1 Compression Ratio
Chemically Cleaned
Crack Tested
Line Bored
Linished Crankshaft
Blueprinted Tolerances
Deburred Internals of Block
Argo Forged Conrods, ARP 200 Bolts
Arias 20 thou Over Forged Pistons
Cometic Headgasket
High Energy Sump
GTR N1 Oil Pump
Crank has Snout Welded to Suit GTR N1 Oil Pump (Jun Crank Collar)
Crank Re-drilled and Grub Screwed
ARP Head Studs
ACL Race Series Bearings


Re-seated 3 Angle Cut Valve Seats
Crow Cam (similar to 818b) Billet Cam No Machined Lifter Housing
Welded Down Centre to Prevent Cracking
Chemically Cleaned.

Empty bay after pressure washing the majority of grease and oil out.

Replaced some injector brackets as they were cracked.

Replaced some injector seals in the inlet manifold.

New exhaust manifold studs.

Bolted everything onto the new engine.

And slipped that into the car.

Hoist makes everything easier!

Got everything hooked up, new plugs, new hoses, new overflow bottle.

Replaced some plugs as they were in a bad way.

Still need to source a new O2 sensor socket, as mine is all broken.

Video of it's first start after having an issue with it not starting, Dizzy wasn't aligned properly.

---------- Post added 03-11-13 at 11:17 ----------

Had a very productive day on Thurs, fixed my Odometer in the VL with a new Sun Gear, from ebay,

and while I had my dash out I spliced the Oil Switch wire into the pin position for the Oil sender since I have changed the oil switch to a sender and have the Calais dash, went to repco and bought a female universal stereo wiring loom pulled one of the crimped wires out of the loom and used that to insert into the Pin 2 location, then spliced it with the wire from pin 14.

Both working great, now just have to work out why my fuel gauge doesn't work!
Originally Posted by deanoVLCT View Post
Bloody love hate with vlts dead set wanna kill it sometimes

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Thread resurrection!
Good to see you still have it, looks nice as.
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