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Jervo's VL project

Hey guys I've finally got my VL registered and looking half decent so I thought I would put some pictures up.

What I've done so far:

As you can see by the pictures, I've done Dark Rose Red on Jet black interior, looks hell sexy, except now VHT have decided not to make dark rose red vinyl dye anymore.
Pod filter, although need to make the intake better because it's sucking hot air right now.
Decent stereo with 4 inch JVC fronts and 6x9 fusion rears
S1 Calais seats and carpet and got the door trims and other Calais bits and pieces but want to fix up the fade and stuff before they go on.
Was bought with extractors and sports exhaust and has a tip that makes it sound tough as.

Not too much done right now mainly due to money as per usual, but I've got huge plans for it in the near future.
When the rego runs out I plan on taking it off the road and fully stripping it and repairing the bodywork because it's got a little bit of rust here and there, so want to make it straight and probably change the colour too.

Want to also make it match the interior so will probably go red on black, which should be good because I haven't really seen any VL's like that.

Once the body work is done I'll get stuck into the engine. I'm still tossing up what to do with it so this is where you guys can come in and throw some advice my way. My best idea would probably be a RB25 or RB26DET swap, but if I didn't do that I'd just go for a straight RB30ET swap mainly for ease of fitting plus I'm not too interested in massive power increase but just a little bit more. My last option would just be to supercharge my engine now and do a bit of head work, because I know if I get too much power I'm lose my license. So while I'm doing engine work I'll be boosting the brakes and getting a whole new suspension set up. It's got a 5 speed now and I'm quite happy with that. Also I'm tossing up whether or not to put the Calais eyelids on, I think they look sexy as.

Anyways guys they are pretty much my plans right now, any comments or even criticism are appreciated.

Now here are the pictures:
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Aaaaaaand it's gone.
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Car needs a bit of work mate, but you're getting there. I've always liked the red Calais interiors; they're pimp, and nobody really goes for them. Kimberley Bronze with MX Grey bars is nice too.

Just a few things I'd suggest though - the interior is obviously unfinished, but I'm a bit confused. Is it a combination red and black interior? From the photo of the back seat, I noticed the rear door handle is black. Honestly it doesn't look so great. Kind of looks stuck on. Just my opinion. But go the black dash - I have one too.

Maybe whack up a few more pictures of the exterior? Be nice to the see the back end at least.

I don't know what sort of license you're on, but if want a little bit more power without turbos etc - try these few things.
-eBay power chip (Remap, I think they're called - comes in stage 1, 2, 3, and 3 + cam)
-exhaust (you already have)
-cold air intake (NOT GRK-WPN style )
-RB20 turbo 5 speed gearbox (double syncros, much smoother, same price as MF5)

Anyway, just my thoughts mate. Keep it up!
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