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Car: RB20DET powered VL
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Mah Rb20det powered VL ( Big_Steve's old one )

Ahh..after having no boost for around 2 years i finnal have a car with boost!

Ive just bought big_steve's rb20det powered VL, and boy is it a hard car to drive.. alot harder then my r32 and alot slower as well, but im hoping thats only because of the stock rb30 gearbox and diff.

ooooh and steve, you ******* you said the steering wasnt that hard! my arms are still hurting, my mums 1982 cortina had easier steering than this lol.

All in all though i want to say its a great car to muck aroun with and now i have something to do on weekends!.

( going by what steve has told me and what i could see heres what its got )

triple plate xtreme clutch
custom exhaust all the way through
Stock rb30 gearbox
stock rb30 diff
Fmic + no holes kit
apexi pod
some type of bosch fuel pump ?
super low king springs
turbo timer
boost guage
momo steering wheel + boss kit

What it hasnt got ( or needs fixing )
Needs better gearbox ( rb20det box was provided by steve, i love this guy )
Needs better diff
fix tacho
fix o2 sensor
replace springs with stock springs ( to pass pits )
few other little bits n pieces here and there
needs some rims....URGENTLY
needs some tint

ahhh, the joys of having a car to work on, i just wanna say again thanks to steve, he helps us with every thing from filling in the papers to taking of the rims and even reversed the car out for us, i only asked him to do that so i dont accidently knock his house down ( i have had 2 car accidents these past 2.5 years )

Also there is this weird sound in the car, it sounds like a whistling noise but it goes away as soon as any boost hits, then comes back when its not being boosted...first i thought it would be a vacuum leak, but i think it might be a boost leakage somewhere? anyone have some clues?

anyways, heres some pics of it for now, and a small youtube vid of how the engine sounds, sounds a little louder and gruntier than my r32 did, but it doesnt feel as quick, the gearbox is killing me, i dunno how steve could drive it. ( maybe im just a noob ).

pic of car...

engine sex...

Pic of car..with the rims steve would not let me have...DAMN YOU!

youtube vid in the dark...just an engine sound vid.
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