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Here since 2002
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Looks so snug and comfy.
Love the nana rugs.

I have some that the other halves late grandma (RIP Mavis 7/5/16) made and this had reminded me to put them in mine, cheers.
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thanks for the feedback guys.

headrests were done by the trimmer. it involved shortening the headrest stems, welding in brackets, shaving some foam from the seats and stitching up the holes neatly.

so theres a bit of work.

re the nana rugs yeah they're good. honestly it was on there because the original seat had a rip but its part of the car now. I need a noice back seat cover for when the dog comes to shows with me.

regarding the badges yep the turbo badge seems to be in that position for all wagons. the holden is consistent and the SL normally has the big commodore one next to it but in the first few months of ownership she broke down a lot. one night when pushing it to a safe spot to wait for RACV the badge fell off and I never put it back on.

like i said its finished but tehres always small stuff to fix
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Very nice, almost looks stock, absolutely love it,

Sorry to hear about relationship sh!t, been there, life happens, good to hear you've moved forward
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350 stato - that was the intent make it look like it could have been factory.

The SV stitching isn't exactly what i wanted but its too late and it looks OK.

I was very particular in collecting images and samples of what hsv was doing way back when. the rear seat is pretty much a complete mimick of the VN HSV Wagon seats but with a fold down flap.

and the doortrims have the dark beading like the walky doors but the style of the SV88.

it was about 8 years of planning finally pulled off.
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talks a good game
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Loving the interior man
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so guys,

I added another to the ever growing fleet a few months back.

I was looking for a roadkill-esque trip and some of those variety bashes are way to expensive. So I started looking around on ebay at cheap old cars I could fly up drive home and resell in Melbourne at little to no loss.

In my travels I noted that this VL turbo executive wagon i had been monitoring for aa while had been slowly reducing in price and had hit my spending threshold. 3500!

I thought damn you would be silly not to bid so I putt in a minimum offer and within 10 days owned it.

the description was pretty brief and the story via phone was the current owner had travelled about 6-8 hrs to buy a valiant and when he got there it was rubbish so he said how much for the vl? he purchased it trailered it home to TOOWOOMBA! and pondered what to do with it.

from there he decided he would do a major service and some brakes and take it to PCM and then sell it. unfortunately in that time his mechanic went AWOL and he had to steal the car back half finished. He lost the passion then sold it.

so myself, Selo XST*** (MUzavl) and chris, (VLCT88 wagon or something?) decided to pick it up.

selo another mate josh and I drove upto central nsw after work one evening and met to chris's. from there we hightailed to toowoomba picked up the car and stayed the night. (well chris and josh stayed the night, Selo partied on at the clubs while i slept on the couches haha.)

---------- Post added 21-09-17 at 09:50 ----------

initial impressions were the car was rustier than expected. but had a lot of money spent on it at one point in its past and the driveline seemed healthy.

It came with some spare interior pieces and an HDT front bar. unfortunately the VYSS brake setup in the pictures had been pilfered from the boot.

for the record here is 2 different pubs in Toowoomba. they were filth. kids were chucking up everywhere dancefloor and all and not being kicked out.

I didn't see a lot of the next day as I slept in the back while Chris and Josh took the first installation.

we woke up to full volume britney spears around sunup. (we left at 3.30am!)

we jetted through but the one thing we did stop for both days was a big sit down breakfast.

that evening Chris put on a big bonfire for us and my sister and her BF headed over from canberra for some dominos pizza drinks and a chat.

first chance for a good inspection was at Holbrook. you can see the Submarine in the background

I dropped the car at my parents farm in northern vic then headed home. Tired AF.

---------- Post added 21-09-17 at 09:59 ----------

from there i haven't been able to do a great deal.

i didn't initially know what the plan was but it has come to this:

I've decided to keep the car for now fix it up and drive it when im up at my parents which is every second week.

I've already done the following (dad has done some of it!) forum name Dadroller

source 4 x 15x7 paint and wrap in rubber
source 4 x vlt hubcaps ($ouch$)
rebuild all calipers
new handbrake pads
new axle bearings and rear wheel studs (were completely munted)
drop tranny and diff fluid.
clean tranny and diff pans and reseal (not topped up yet)
engine oil and filter done.
sparks and leads done (were mismatched and not firing on all)

dad removed half of the engine bay. primarily all of the cooler piping radiator headlights and pressure washed and degreased everything inc the wheel wells and undercarriage.

cooler piping prepped and painted
new accel cable ordered (was snapped)
ditched the SCA catchcan and got a new one.
cleaned carpet and found the broadcast sheet
retrimmed the ripped front seats

theres heaps of other small stuff done and more to do.

basically it will get a major service and a big cleanup.
from there i'm hoping the RWC guys dont mind a little non structural rust and will pass the engine bay cooler holes and BOV.

afgter that I'll be cleaning up bits and bobs and driving it.

VL Turbo LW5 MS1 - Turbo Auto exec.
A8 Block

built head with reciepts and still looks clean.
3" exhaust (rusted)
lowered springs front and rear with rear airbags.
custom cooler and piping. Garret Brand
lots of tacky qld mods like vs nosecone badge vs seats etc.
stage 2 (semi manualised) auto. 4 speed.

apparenmtly it did 184kw atw on a dyno when it was purchased as is (guessing on all cylinders at that time) on about 10psi. so i'm hoping it will be a very fun car when done! maybe with a fuel system and an ecu and a less restrictive cooler I could hit 200 wihich would be a very tidy streeter.

---------- Post added 21-09-17 at 10:07 ----------

as picked up:

garret cooler

interesting piping...

daggy rims but expensive brakes.

lots of aftermarket suspension

weatherbeaten paint and trims

cooked interior

all of the switches and gadgets!

mystery KM (calais dash)

freaking missile switch

chapel st badge placement to remind your passengers

head reciept
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working on the brakes and axles while the car is on stilts at dads farm

notice the green bonnet. it either had a group a scoop at some point or its been in an accident

chop chop - cai and piping holes

may be a little dirty but the entire braking system and axles are freshened up. rear brakes came offf of my stolen recovered vn 5l so i know theyre recently machined.

dope stainless steel fuel spill tray

"after" snaps of cooler piping

Im going to trim the cargo trims with this

note the switches have been blacked out and gauge holder trimmed in old doorskin

towball cover for the gramps effect

just one of the runs over the carpet

to be binned pile

srtealing bits from the wrecking yard (out the back of dads shed)

spare wheel tub cleaned and all put back together fresh

in situ.

the money shot
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man if i owned this car id leave it looking like that and build a honk engine for it and powersikids!!
WANTED: 1 turbo hubcap
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Keeping CT alive
Love it man, keep the updates coming
Holden: Australia's Driving Future.... Erm not for much longer
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Originally Posted by bo5ton View Post
Haven't been around for a little while so I've just come back and looking through all the photos, photobucket is an asshat.

Had a look around and found a couple of extensions to get them displaying:

Photobucket fix for Chrome

Photobucket fix for Firefox

I can confirm the Chrome extensions works. But moving forward I'll be using imgur.
what a champ!

---------- Post added 21-10-17 at 17:06 ----------

well the exec wagon is progressing and the sl is back in storage as the bloody clutch master has failed (im assuming)

also for those who followed my VN build or who saw a white vn rocking up at VL meets for a while its now on its final journey.

the vn was stolen recovered and i purchased it back at auction. It has been skidded hard and theres some mechanical damage. I was paid out (but not enough once I bought it back.) so I've striopped off some stuff, sold some, kept some and the driveline is going to chris aka vlcwagon88 to put into a cream vl wagon.

this will hopefully be part / most payment for him to do teh same to my stalled berlina build.

the Vl exec turbo is startring to near assembled! just minor stuff to do but theres minimal time at the farm to get it done in.

VN on it's final journey

VL exec starting to piece together. hoping it can be running soon!

this says it all. I've conquered the beers but the car still has its bonnet up abandoned in the corner

the parts yard - theres more that have been dissasembled and packed away inside the shed.

some of you may have seen dad's sl n/a over in the n/a section? it's been parked up and the plan is once his a9y is on the road.....

we may dissasemble it to reshell the awesome interior engine etc into.....

a ramset orange wagon!

this is a great story. it tuirned up on facebook and trhe guy wanted to know a value. some silly numbers were thrown around and I went to see it.

it had 450,000km on the dash, a filth engine with original leads, straight firewall, scratched to buggery paint and the interior was torn everywhere. rooflining all seats the dash was all cracked the lot. he wanted about a grand and I think i told him id pay him 600 and even at that i'd be very hesitant to admit to my mates i'd paid so much.

the deal happened and when we got it home we found that this "no rust" car had what looked like extreme rust from the outside.

its now all dissasembled and dad has taken a liking to it. the rust is nowhere near as bad as my formula was so we should be in for a nice build once done.

---------- Post added 21-10-17 at 17:15 ----------

man I have purchased and sold some cars in the last year!

the VN in its prime. she got heaps of km's done in her time

also we now have a very very expensive car shifter:

i purchased this for my girlfriend but swapped it on when we split.

i truthfully couldn't find any interest in it let alone a buyer. so i ended up trading it for a vn v8 auto.

It was pretty feral but had a superb driveline so this will now be the driveline donor for the red berlina series 2.

so i now have 4 ongoing vl projects. the 2 x turbo wagoins. the red berlina v8 and the formula -

when i look at the shed it feels like i haven't achieved anything but looking back on the year that has passed I sure as hell have.

---------- Post added 21-10-17 at 17:35 ----------

just went through and found all of my old build threads since I'll merge them all into one and update here from now on.

vn 5l Berlina
1973 Toyota Corona
dad's executive wagon - gold - $800 farm find
dad's blue n/a a9y
VL Berlina farm find efi 304 project
my first VL - n/a calais sedan
GMH test car - styling depatrtment - dandenong - Formula
My old VY Daily
Jim's mowing trailer, bloody dad gave this away!
Datsun 200b 1977 IRS shouldn't have sold! Young and dumb.
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lucky vlct wagon owner
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God I need to get around to doing something with my cars, and need more space to do so, I liked the trip up to get that exec turbo wagon.
Still got to pull the motor front he vn and make a start in the cream car when does it ever end?
just gota harden the f_uck up and slam that bad boi in the engines sphyncter
Lucky owner of 2 A9Ys possible 3rd on the way..
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it never ends!
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