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Just tuned but running bad! WHY??

Hey guys couple of weeks ago my engine was run in. Since its been dyno tuned and was running sweet. Even was on the run in. When i went to get its first tune I found out it dosent have an air temp sensor. The car has motec m48 and i has been running well for the last few weeks. All of a sudden i have noticed that it splutters and carrys on like a mad troll when the temp gauge is any where under half. On boost its fine! When off the throttle its fine. Idel is fine also except until at half temp. Normal driving in every gear is chit. On first start up it runs like crap and if you rev it and try and hold at 2500rpm it drops up and down every few seconds?

It was tuned at about half temp also on the dyno. Why all of a sudden would this be happen??? Anyway I swung by my tuners yesterday and he tweeked it, i left and it ran heaps better. Hours later it was back to its old habits. The plugs are black as charcoal and only less than 500k old. The motec said it was shooting juice in occasionally hence the shuddering, black smoke etc and it was changed to try to eliminate the issue. Im going back for a temp sensor in a week or so and no doubt a touch up tune.
What could be the other reasons for running like chithouse. fuel pump, temp sensor, plugs, leads, head? etc?? cheers fellas

Sorry for the ramble!

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Doesnt sound like its got anything to do with temperature.

So it dumps black smoke? What AFR does your dyno sheet say?
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On the touch up yesterday i didnt get any readouts nor do a power run etc. I just dropped in and said hey this is happening. He put it on and like i said when i left it was good. On the last dyno runs it dosent have air flow readings only PSI KPH RWKWS.
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try change your plugs and gap them correctly
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put up the ecu maps it would help. If your not happy with tunner change who you go to.
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