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eats 8's
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work shops in lonnie

hey guys im just wondering as to what workshop in lonnie is half decent and aren't a bunch of toss pots? i spent over 8k on my ute and this workshop kept on making up bull**** that this and that needed doing when really they didn't know wat the **** they were doing , i had a numerous amount of work taken out for them to do and i think that every single job they went to do they either ended up ****ing my car or couldn't get it right, for example got new breaks put on they took my wheels off and didn't think to sit them in a safe place and also they were only two days old at the time mind you, they ended up leaving my brand new 19 inch FPV wheels laying round where they were sitting stuff on top off them and scratched the whole face of them, which is a machine finish and looks really ****ed in the day light now cheers for that boys, second of all a box was sat on my roof and dragged off which scratched that thanks, third the new injectors i got them to fit one wasn't fitted correctly and caused it to nearly ignite when i was going up the outlet and give it a massive backfire which shut the car down beind a fairly new car it turned its self off before any bad stuff could happen, they couldn't get the idle and cold start right on the haltech, i put a aftermarket exhaust on and my strict instructions were to keep my standard one, well wat did they do they threw it out, got a shift light for them to fit, that also has a knock sensor and they didn't know how to fit it, cant read a basic wiring diagram lol, basically i had enough of them blabbering **** everytime i took my car in they didn't know anymore than wat i did, it seemed wat they were telling me each time i knew already, not that im saying im a know it all, but your basic stuff isn't rocket sience, i ended up stripping the car back to standard cause they couldn't get it rite and ide just had enough, cause half of the standard parts were thrown out or so they reckoned i had to track them down which was harder than you would think, there is alot of modified xr6 turbos but no one wants to part with there parts, and then the workshop had the cheek to say that they would only pay half the bill for all the parts which left me out of pocket even more , this workshop doesn't need a mention in this thread as to i dont want a band put on me, but they know who they are and they definatly shouldn't be a member of tacc, i wouldn't recomend anyone to take there pride and joy to these bunch of clowns not even there lawn mower, this guy would be one of the biggest liars and rip offs and also **** sucker that ive come across, if anyone wants to know who this workshop is send me a private message and ill be more than happy to tell you to save you some hassles and a whole lot of money, wat comes around goes around and i dont doubt that in time it will all catch up to them and they will get there returns

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