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Rims & Tyres

Gday - im new here, thought i'd sign up as i purchased an '86 VL SL 5 speed a couple of days ago and i'm looking for some nice rims. I know nothing about tyres and rims and the like so any help would be great.

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hey welcome....

what kinda rims are you after? as you dont know much about rims look at some of the cars that have been posted on here and link us to the file maybe we can help you out with sizes ect...

enjoy your stay
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What size can you go up to in a VL without getting any rubbing? I also don't want it to cost an arm and a leg, maybe you guys could post some you like or have on your own cars and i'll see if theirs anything i like from that, sorry for the hassle.

Here are some threads where the cars have some i quite like aswell.
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Don't worry aobut those unless you have alot of spare cash laying around.

But they all seem to be Matrix or similar, 17 or 18"
If you don't wanna spend too much then probably 17's or 18's will do for you.

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ROH furys are good if u like the VX GTS RIMS (vx gts are in pic above)

here is pic of furys. i have been told there $1400 but not 100%
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Y dont u consider 17" internationals they look anything look good i have seen heaps of sl and execs with hem and they look a treat

GO HARD! and the vx gts 19"s are in the $3500 and up range not worth it unless u got the bling!
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VY SS rims look good on any vl too
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VTSS, VXSS or VySS wheels look best in my opinion. I have VXSS wheels and in my opinion are one of the best suited rims for the VL.

If your wondering about tyres. With my rims which are 17x8 i use 235/45/17ZR. Sumitomo tyre which is top of the line but so soft in compound they last 25000km. With 17 you can go with 225 in width which on a lowered car is a safer option. My tyres were scrubbing so i had to have the guards rolled which cost me $50.
Just talk to your tyre dealer about tyres. Explain that you problery don't want anything crash hot like Bridgestone S03 or Potenza G3 which nearly cost $300 a tyre.
Also one thing to keep in mind. People told me on this website that with rims you can only legally go bigger 2 inches over stock. This means that with my original wheels which were 14 inch i could only go to 16 inch. Apparently its defectable but i havn't been pulled up yet and ive been pulled over a couple of times now.

Just a quick hint as well to watch out for. I stated my tyres read on the sidewall 235/45/17ZR. After the 17 the code there means the rated tyre speed. ZR is 300km+ but there are some tyres not rated high at all. My old 16 inch wheel tyres cost me $180 a tyre and had a tyre rate speed of 150km/h.

Also your speedo may be out of calibration which you will have to be careful with.
Give you an idea... VXSS wheels are aroudn these days $1000 with tyres/ same with VT. Vy are more expensive since there 18 inch. You can also get the VY rims in 17 inch because they fit them to the utes.
Talk to tempe tyres they are pretty cheap. I got my rims for $600 due to it being my dad's mate. Tempe charge around $150 or so for a VXSS rim.
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Dragme and the others have gone a long way to help you.

Suggest you talk to a tyre and wheel shop for more info and PM people with wheels you like the look of.

Lots of choices, ultimately it's your decision

Thread closed
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yacant go wrong with a nice clean set of chaseres with nice treads.... i have a set fo miac chaseres off a cop car and they sport a nice set of bridgestone g-grids 225 all round. and lowered 2inch looks nice n neat.
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