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Whats the wagon worth?

So I'm finally toying with the idea of selling the wagon. i have no idea what its worth these days so are looking for some genuine advice. Ive had this for over 10 years and i converted it to turbo using all the right parts. its in good condition and i very rarely see anything this decent still on the road. It has just passed a full roadworthy inspection as it had finally been defected late last year for height. it has:
VLT engine
Mx7 gearbox
Rebuilt VLT wagon diff
2.5' exhaust
Calais front
Berlina interior in decent condition
New tyres
I know its not a factory turbo but everything has been done properly and there are no weak points in the drive train. its located in adelaide

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I'd say 6-8k at a guess mate
Best off keeping it mate
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wagons are a hard sell.

i would think 5-6k.

if that was in victoria it would most likely be parted out as a donor for a more standard car.

the issue with hothouse green calais converted wagons with a mismatched interior is the market is quite small. so if it isn't sold for parts value it is most likely to sell to a young bloke who likes the customn colour.

the guys with big $ to spend on a vl are looking for a tidy origional example with a fun driveline.

thats my 2c anyway.

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having a second look if it was a powerpack car i'd probably even come to the table with cash haha. i have a calais wagon i could shell some parts into yours and make it a proper hothouse green calais wagon now that would be nice.
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Presents well but pity it's a wagon.
Sedan would sell quicker but then again someone would really have to want that colour.

Davidbook suggests $5k -$8k
Really depends on finding the buyer that wants it.

Again looks nice but I hate wagons.

Definitely agree parting it, parts are selling pretty quick today.
I cleared so much stuff out of my garage on eBay the last month.
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I'd say 7.5k.
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