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i lovebeing a tool, brings so much joy to the world!
DUZ16Z vlct goin for 11z
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do you love taking it up the behind aswell?

I like my women the way i like my coffee, ground up and in the freezer.
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10 Sec VLT.. err.. to 100
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Having three or a lon extension bar.. then the uni joint THEN the socket helped get 4 and 3 out easy as..
Found 3rd cylidner to be really hard.. also found out i had tiny rock in there so i couldnt put hte socket on the plug haha.. took me so long to realise..
FS: VL T04E turbo and 3 Inch VLt dump pipe
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I got changing plugs down to 30mins thats including gapping all 6.
I found the best way is to remove the cross over pipe tps plug and the other plug above number 5.
i use a 1/4 ratchet with the spark plug socket uni joint then a 50mm extension.
The plugs I use are bkr6es-11 I found theyre the best for up to 10psi then I go down a heat range.
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I changed my plugs on the weekend, well 2 of them anyway, got to number 3 and the end of the plug was absolutly covered in oil
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I have a question:

My car was working fine until I changed the oil and the plugs and now my car doesn't start. You can hear the starter motor go, but no joy. I put in BCPR6ES-11's so I know it's not the plugs. I'll try testing for a spark when I get home from work, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's the CAS. Anyone else know of any problems that might completely stop the car from starting that are associated with the plugs?
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i agree notlownuf there even harder to change when you have an xf throttle body!
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well as a newbie to the 3.0ltrs i am happy to say that was a great thread.! very handy info and helped me out alot! thankyou very much RB30X now i just have to work out the correct fuel pressure on my regulator....
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