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Got Gas? Need info.

Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered already...couldnt turn up much in search.

Basicaly im interested in gassing my vlt. fuel prices are just getting rediculous.

so.....who has gas? what sort of power can be expected? who can i contact in Brisbane to get it done? whats required and how much does it cost?

also if u got an opinion let me know

pro's and con's

cheers guys
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speak to VLmuzza.....
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i have seen a vlt with a gas research mixer in place of the throttle body running straight LPG, I believe turbo and straight LPG is fairly common for drag racing. But i want highway miles and VL's are limited in the size of the LPG tank u can fit. So I would like to know if anyone has seen a dual fuel system on a boosted VLT that was capable of running good mixtures on both fuels?
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Morgzano Racing
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Dont go duel fuel, go one or the other.
I'm using a small 55ltr usable tank in mine, (APA).
Ok, you'll need around $3k to do it properly, and for a performance gas setup.
A strong spark is highly recommended, so good leads (9mm), good plugs, and an MSD ignition amplifier are a good start.
There are other companies out there other than gas research, so dont limit yourself.

Basically LPG or straight Propane, are capable of making more power than any pump fuel on a good setup, no probs due to the higher octane rating.
VLMuzza uses a gas research throttle body, I'm using an bored XF throttle body with the mixer (Century) plumbed in before it, but will run a bypass valve for low revs and idle.

Cons of gas, would be without a good tune or lack of spark and big boost, it might backfire, and since your plenum is full of LPG. then it might blow ya bonnet off haha
But with a good computer (both me and Paul are running the Haltech IG5), then it shouldn't be a problem.

I could keep going as theres soo much info to pass on, but if you require specifics, I'll try to help, and if I cant I'll find out for you,

All the best with the conversion!

Happy hunting
Morganzo Racing
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Originally Posted by Morgo
Ok, you'll need around $3k to do it properly, and for a performance gas setup.
Morgo wat exactly does $3k get u?
Rollin...... In my 3.0
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