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87Calais, Sorry I should clarify what was tightened.

First the gland nut, but only marginally.
But forgive if this sounds tech, the shock sits in the strut tower thing and there is a twisty thing that is tightened at the top of the strut where you first see the shock coming out.

That was tightened as well. (I think) Any ways noise is completely gone.
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NZ VL com
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the oil is just to stop the inside of the pipe rusting as water will collect in there, just a bit in the bottom will do,old oil is ok,and the bottom of the shock has to be tight on the bottom, may need washers or packers to tighten up tight
looking for VL wagon FS AUS 3Lt man
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sounded like a worn bush to me, probable lower control arm.
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Hey all,

Got the car back from the suspension shop today. Turns out it was the gland nut. As VLNA2T said it was tight but not tight enough. They also tightened the main strut nut (the one that sticks outs the centre of the strut tops) as it wasn't quite aligned properly and had worked a little loose.

Had a chat with the guy at the suspension shop when i went to collect my car. He said although the nut would've felt tight, the insert would've moved around in the strut slightly and worn away a little and made itself enough room to move around and make a noise. He said he got a few various tools of the trade out and tightened her up good and proper. That seems to have fixed the problem!

Yay - no expensive insert or strut top replacement!!

THANKS EVERYONE for your help - now others can use this thread for info when they strike the same problem as it seems to be a reasonably common problem.

Thanks again,

Every time u open ur mouth u have this wonderful ability to continually confirm what I think!
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yes,happened to me a while back.good ol Grant with the walky knew exactly what it was.
WANTED: 1 turbo hubcap
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