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Remote central locking does not lock

Anyone had the problem with remote central locking on a vl where you press the button on the remote to lock the doors and set the alarm but only the alarm sets and the doors don't lock. They sound like they are about to lock but don't ?

This problem only occurs when locking, the doors will unlock and disarm via the remote fine ?
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yea mine occasionally decides NOT to lock the drivers door but lock all the rest, then when u disarm the alarm none of em open (coz they r outta sequence i guess) any ideas :S
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mine were stuffing up, i pulled the door cover off and saw/felt the conector on the electric door look mechanism was a litle loose.
I disconnected sprayed some WD40 and put back on, now it works fine...
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ALso what you will find with VK/VL commos is the locking mech is very stiff, i had to lube mine up really well as sometimes if i left it looked for a few months then went to unlock it with the remote it would only unlock a few doors, so i had to clean it all and lube it with inox!!
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yer ive got the exact same problem dude, ive got a mongoose alarm or something and aftermarket central locking. when i first connected it all up it used to lock and unlock fine, but now it only unlocks.... i hafta lock the doors maually and arm the alarm...... weird, its annoying me
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Got a Vision alarm/CL kit in mine .. paid a lil extra (well, it was a package deal, but anyway) to get it installed .. about a year later, suddenly, no door lock .. doesnt even try .. pulled the door trims off, found the wires had been installed by a monkey .. virtually no insulation .. had moved down the wire and the +12 to it had shorted to the body and blown the fuse. an hour later after pulling the dash half apart (damn they hid the box ..) I foudn and replaced the fuse .. redid connections insulation on the other doors, just in case .. all good again ..

Shoulda installed the ******* myself, at least itd ha been insulated properly
'87 Series II VL Commodore N/A Exec.

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