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Don't know how to put up a pic? Look here.

The reason I put it in the For Sale section is because when people make a thread to sell a car, they usually have pictures but they don't know how to put them up.

1.Goto ( or whatever upload site you prefer ) and upload your image.

2.Once the image has uploaded, a link will be given and next to it, it will say " Direct link to image " highlight that link, right click, and click copy.

3.Come back here, push the Insert Image button .

4.Right click in the space provided, and click paste, then click ok.

If you have done this correctly, in the field where you put in your message, it should come up as [IMG]yourlinkhere[/IMG]

I hope this helps. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Steve
G mate,
how do you get cars lookin so good?
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I justed wanted to update this,

A website I recommend to upload photos to is

On the front page you click browse and find the picture you want to upload.

If that picture that you have selected is really really big, its a good idea to click the resize option:

Then click upload

Once its uploaded it has a quick and easy feature to simply click to copy for forums with all the IMG already attached:

All you do is paste that into your for sale thread - no need to add anything else - you don't need do any of the above steps, its all been taken care of by

Best of luck selling your items,

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Also, thought I'd add this

Photobucket now has an option down the bottom.

Basically you hover your mouse over the image, tick the check box, and then click Generate HTML at the bottom of the page. Click that, as seen in this picture.

Once you've done that, you just have to click one of the options that are available to you. I prefer to use the IMG clickable thumbnails option as it shows you the image in small size and makes it easier to browse.

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