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It wasn't entered correctly.
It has an A8, checked the engine number and it matches except for the 6/8, Its easy to get it mixed when looking as the top loop of the 8 is lighter than the bottom. Its not the only imported VL that i know of the has got the wrong engine code entered. Pretty sure jasons has 48, instead of a8. Also just noticed jasons says its a UL not VL :-P

The car is at a mechanics at the moment and they had a guy who puts vin numbers on cars (they get in a lot of cars from the states) The vin guy didn't believe it was a factory turbo either till the mechanics showed the vin calculator online. blew his mind.

All my numbers match perfectly. Have checked thoroughly since i was paranoid when i first got it after seeing carjam say A6.
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Ahhhhh that's good then....numbers matching is definitely a plus when it comes to VLT's
Originally Posted by calais3L View Post
turbocharging interferes with the exhaust note
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Just for the people that aren't on facebook i thought i would make an update since its almost been a year.

So last left off with having a **** experience getting a wof. I ended up taking it to a different Garage who actually knows things about cars and they had no issues, other than a few bits of rust, giving it a wof. They also helped me getting the timing right also which was great cause no matter what i tried i couldn't get it right. Which was the reason it wasn't running very well.

Once i started driving it more little gremlins came out to play. randomly the car would just bog down under accelleration as if it was running low on petrol. shortly after it started doing that the fuel pumps started to make really bad sounds. I ended up replacing both internal and external pumps surprisingly it didn't really fix the issue. I ended up pulling the petrol tank out cleaned it out and replacing all the fuel lines that i could and replaced the fuel filter for the second time. Once back together it seemed to run pretty good again. no strange noises from pumps anymore.

As its first long distance test i drove it from christchurch to Akaroa and had no issues untill we got back to christchurch where i found that once the tank was below 1/4 it started to run like ****. once topped back up i drove it home no problem.
A few weeks later we had our holden club show and shine where I could finally show my car off to other members they were quite impressed by it.

Had a pretty good day with no issues what so ever.

A while after that i drove it out to a family bbq to show some of my family members the car as they have been interested in the progress. Not long after leaving home it started to run **** like it did when we got back from Akaroa so quickly stopped off at a petrol station. It helped it a little but it still wasn't right. Made it to the bbq was there for about 2 hours then we left, as we were planning on heading out to ashburton for another Holden Club event. But once i took off from there i knew something wasn't right. I took it easy but maybe about 2kms from leaving the car completely shat itself. had no power ran like bag of ****. couldn't rev it past 2grand. It happened on a main road where there was no stopping, my luck. managed to get to a side street. opened up the bonnet to find coolant and fuel spraying everywhere.
Ended up calling my dad who was at the bbq to pick us up. he showed up and we both checked over the car we found where the coolant leak was which wasn't too much of an issue but the fuel was coming out of one of the injector hoses. I started the car up and my luck it was sweet as again. and wasn't leaking fuel anymore. So i carefully drove it home with dad following behind and had no issues.

So this is where the fun begins. I ended up having to pull the intake side of the engine off again to get to the coolant leak. It was the hose that goes around the back of the engine to the turbo. it had just slid off the pipe because at some stage it had been remade and no flare was added to the pipe. I also noticed that the hose that goes from the block fitting up to the throttle body was starting to tear and with little effort i ripped it. At the same time i checked that block fitting to find it had a very minor leak out of one of the welds. So that was my coolant issues now to fuel leak.
Before i pulled off the fuel rail i noticed that there was alot of movement in the rail it could be rattled around really easily, not sure how i didn't notice this when i put it all together. But what i found was that the rear mounting bolt for the rail doesn't line up with the hole on the intake manifold. even worse the bolt had been snapped off in the intake manifold so couldn't be used anyway. I guess i just left it like that because that is how the mechanic who originally fixed the rail set it up like. So what i actually found was that the rail that had been put on was a N/A rail. which had different mounting positions if you line up the front there is a 1 cm difference (if i remember correctly) at the rear. Also by lining up the front it offsets all the injectors which was causing the hoses to bend and be under strain. The combo of that and the movement in the rail is what I'm suspecting to have caused the fuel leak. Once i had pulled out the injectors i had found that one of my pintle caps had cracked again. I had all the injectors rebuilt before i put the car back together because i found one crack at that time. Am wondering if the rail issue could have caused that too. not sure about that.

SO that was December last year when all that went down. Since then i was hunting for ages to find a VLT fuel rail. had a few opportunities in australia to pick one up but the sellers always seemed to stop responding. i decided to modify the NA rail by adjusting the mounting points. Took about a hour to sus out and it should have been sweet. until the next day or 2 when Chris Pike tells me that Mike Vincent has a VLT rail and injectors he is trying to sell :-S. i quickly got onto him and within 2 weeks i had a VLT rail :-)

This was now May this year. :-S

Now that has been solved i got motivation to sus out a few more things.
I ended up getting new coolant pipes and block fittings made up with flare and no weld leaks this time which unfortunately cost a lot more than i had wanted to pay but oh well.
I also decided that i was going to ditch the coolant through the throttle body as it will be much easier in the future if i have injector issues as you have to drain the coolant every time you want to get to the injectors.

I have also been wondering if the reason ive been having fuel issues is that the regulator has packed a sad so i ended up trading some parts with Kelvin for "Doseit"s old adjustable fuel regulator. will be interesting to see how that effects things.

Almost back together, just needs fuel lines to new regulator.

Ive always been toying with the idea of getting a no holes intercooler kit from australia from JustJap. Ive heard good and bad things about there kits but i was willing to take the gamble. I got in contact and worked out how much to ship the kit here. It was going to be $180 in shipping alone. When i compared it to the cost of getting a kit made up locally it still worked out cheaper.
But then randomly i spotted someone in Timaru selling VL intercooler piping after looking at the picture i assumed it was a no holes kit so i bought it straight away. Turns out it is actually Mike Vincents old GkTech piping from SIKVLT. I just needed to buy some joiners and she went on nicely, had to trim the bumper a bit for the piping, lucky its only a spare bumper.

Other things that have changed is i have been given some 17" ROH Fury wheels for free which will replace the 17" VY SV8 wheels. Not sure if i really like them. this is the only time ive had the car out of the garage with the wheels on.

So thats where i am up to. Tomorrow im going hose shopping to finish up the fuel lines and need to sus out the breather lines now that the breather lines that were attached to the the cross over pipe are gone.

On a side little note ive been working on a little side project that will most probably implemented into the VL soon. Just doing testing at the moment and don't want to give too much away but ill show you a little glimpse :-)
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