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Vl turbo wagon project

Hi all fellow enthusiast.
Here she is my VL Berina Turbo Wagon, Bit of a unconfirmed story behind this old girl as to weather it is a factory VLT or has just had a motor transplant, Tags don't match with the engine number and so on but it seems to have had the turbo motor from day 1 ( might go into depth later on )

I had a VLCT sedan before the wagon and converted that to 30e+t which I was stoked on, a couple of weeks later I had seen this advertised, he wanted quite a bit for it but I called him and managed to get it for a good price.
I had to fly down to Levin from Auckland ( yes I'm a Kiwi ) I was doing this in hope that it did have the a8 turbo motor as the tags said otherwise and he could not confirm.

I didn't check out the car as much as I normally would as I was committed to buying it or I would be stuck in a hick town so gave him the cash and set off on my 7 Hour journey back to Auckland. after getting to the end of the drive and went to hit boost it didn't do a thing but rev out. **** clutch was gone, I still could drive it but at a pain staking pace , I had to get run ups for hills and sometimes ending up at 30kmph once at the top haha

About 2 hours into my trip and filling it with $100 gas, I could smell gas didn't think to much of it and carried on, I then looked at my fuel gage and it was on empty, I pulled over popped the bonnet and the NO1 injector was pissing out gas,
The only toll I had was a but of flat metal I found in the glove box, after wriggling the tail hose around for a good 10 minutes I found the perfect spot for it to stop shooting gas. I Finally made it home and the first thing I did was get that engine number....YES and it was a A8 which to me made my trip worth while.

Here is a pic of the day I got it

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249rwkw @ 15psi
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pics don't work buddy
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why are you reading this?
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exciting trip haha
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