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Join Date: 20-05-10
Location: VIC, South Gippsland.
Car: 1988 VL Vacationer 5 spd Sedan, 1984 Toyota Corona (JDM Styled Stance Build).
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[The Project] '62 Humber Supersnipe.

I picked up this 'Snipe about 6 months back, I've wanted one since I first saw
one when I was around 16. I'm not sure what drew me to it, but I think
it's just ugly enough to be cool.

Humber was a British company (a part of the Rootes Group) this wasn't
an import though, the Australian based models were assembled in Melbourne
by Chrysler.

Anyway, I haven't done a whole heap to it since I got it, mainly cleaned up
the interior and ripped out the water infiltrated carpet. Whoever, at some
stage waterproofed the floors has done an amazing job, they're as solid as
can be and the waterproofing is still good.

It's in pretty reasonable condition for an unrestored 50 year old car,
I believe it was a city car but then spent several years sitting on a Gippsland
property. The main problems with it are; rust in the boot, minor rust in a
couple of the lower doors and the lower left hand quarter and water
leak. In the end it will just be a 60's custom inspired rat.

Currently planned body mods: Blend tail light surrounds into body to
give it a 'frenched' look, shave and smooth bootlid and all trim/badge holes,
considering changing the grille to custom bullets or Desoto 'teeth',
wide whites, drop it (lower for now, bags in the future).

Interior: Finished =)
Paint: Satin black with gold flake roof.
Engine: For now will remain as it is as it runs well, it's a 3lt inline 6
with auto trans. But will opt for an 8 eventually.

There's many more things I'll do, post up and change as I go.

I've moved the rear bumper overriders closer to the centre on the bar
as I'll be fitting the numberplate between them as aposed to on the bootlid
once that's shaved, also added half moon headlight covers. The
front overriders I may remove altogether. I'll eventually most likely replace
the factory tailights with '53/'54 Chev items and french them in.

Anyway, photos...

Prior to ripping out carpet and doortrims.

After ripping out the rank carpet, I have the lower part of the seat, that'll
be going back in, but the door trims will be staying off.
Yes they are ashtray's and flip down drink trays, centre hole is a lighter.

Single barrel carby, twin exhaust manifolds. Hoping to get double barrel
Strombergs to fit.

How it currently sits.

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leb vlt
Roll Cage Territory
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Join Date: 20-02-07
Location: Perth, north
Car: 10.8 @ 121 mph
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Neat idea by moving the overriders in man.
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Location: VIC, constantly changing between the right and left gutter
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Love the snipes. If you join any humber clubs dont ever tell anyone your modifying it theyll wipe you there really pedantic about them.

I met a guy through a friend about ten years ago who got given one, never saw it finished but he painted it harliquinn white leather trim and a blown 350 chev he was banned from every humber club he had ever joined when they found out what he had done.

Great project, there a great shape and pretty cheap
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Car: vl sl turbo
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Good stuff mate good to see something different! Off Humber topic, a mate of mine has a simca vedette with a stout 383 chev in it and an lh torana front end, a simca enthusiast found out what he'd done and wanted to kill him! Back on topic lol, good luck with it mate keep it updated!
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Join Date: 20-05-10
Location: VIC, South Gippsland.
Car: 1988 VL Vacationer 5 spd Sedan, 1984 Toyota Corona (JDM Styled Stance Build).
Trader Rating: (1)
Thanks guys, oh yeah the resto enthusiast's are really padantic, when I told the bloke
I bought it off my plans, I could tell he was having second thoughts about selling it to

I won't be joining the club as such, although I do have a plan to take it to one of the
Humber club's meets, can't wait to see their faces, I think it'd be hilarious.

I've only every seen 2 of these customised, one is an 80's built gasser in England known as 'Street Addict' and recently there was a pink one on Gumtree in Tassie for sale.

I'll be sure to keep this updated.

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