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Stolen cars make me sick to the pit of my stomach i perish a thought. cmon its christmas!
If a 'pro' car theif wants your car, they just may get it. But for window smasher 'hot-wirer' theives, ontop of everything that already been mentioned here and some tips.

-Pull your fuel pump fuse out (#3) and keep it in your wallet while your cars parked up.
-Pull the coil lead off, put it in your bag if youre at the beach or under the seat.
-A big F(^K OFF chain around the steering wheels welded to a heavy duty hook around the brake/clutch pedal. Its a deterent, make the car more trouble then its worth... theyll move onto another car.
-A kill switch. Run an isolating wire to the fuel pump and hid the switch underneath the carpet. Cant be deteced in anyway and will stop wanna be theives.

(for more serious guys)
Utilize a parking bollard. Put it up in the garage or infront of the car to stop it being pinched. Overkill? maybe. But it might help you sleep easier at night
'87 SL VL Build Thread
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Originally Posted by mr_vl86 View Post
but then you would need to always have/put credit on the phone or have it on a plan
Thats a good point but there are companies where you can purchase $30 dollars credit that lasts 12 months +. $230 for a good GPS is pretty good, plus some companies charge for GPS tracking as well.
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Install a secret kill switch as well. So you can't crank it over unless you flip it in which you'd have to hide like say under your seat or inside your center console or even near your steering column
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or you can install a pager alarm, mine is good for upto 1200 metres in a normal residential neighbourhood
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what i have done which i think is a good idea, instead of kill switches i have put in a few different relays where i wont say how i start my car, but u can set it up like you have to have high beams on, right blinker and foot on the brake to start the car without doing these no power ends up at the ignition and therefore car wont start.can spend all day looking for kill switches which arent there, the options are numerus. parkers aircon and hazards an stuff like that. could also try hook up a numerical kill switch that needs a code like a safe
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