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How can I tell if my box is an r33 or a stock 5 speed?
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I did this but cut the plug that goes into this off the auto loom and pulled out all the wires from the back except these 2 that need to be bridged. I then soldered these 2 wires together at the back on the plug and then taped them and plugged this back into the loom as it was when the car was auto. The car started perfect after this.
If yours doesnt prehaps the wiring for reverse is wrong and interfering with this.
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Hey all. I no this is an old thread but does anyone have a pic of the manual spigot and how it looks when fitted? Trying to decide if I have been given the wrong one or not. Getting auto locator/spigot out is proving easier said than done too.
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The manual spigot will look pretty much like this;

It goes in the back of the motor where the input shaft from the gearbox goes. The easiest way to get the auto spigot out is to get a socket that fits into the auto spigot, pack the auto spigot with grease, hold the socket over the auto spigot and try to line it up centre but don't push it all the way in, and then hit the socket with the hammer to push the old spigot out.
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Hi guys I'm doing a auto NA to Manual R33 conversion next week. I believe I have everything but I have a few questions.

1, can I still use my auto speedo cable, or do I need a mx7 one?

2, do I use a mx7 hydraulic clutch line (from clutch master to slave cylinder)
Or do I have to get something custom made up? Is it long enough? Does it fit on the r33 slave cylinder?

3, if using the auto or mx7 speedo cable, do I need the 90 degree adaptor on the speedo pinion?

4, lastly, do I need the manual floor pan?

Any info will be a big help. Thanks

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great thread

Just finished reading through this fantastic (now 13 page) thread. Together you have successfully talked me out of fixing my auto box situation (slipping like a greased up snake on ice) by any other means than fitting one of its manual counterparts
not that it seems absolutely necessary but any more and/or newer info would be great
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