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Technical Article's Guidelines - Read This

After clearning some newbie posts ive decided to make a guideline for this section. People feel free to add your comments and ideas and i will update the first post with official guidelines.

This section is for technical articles only. Articles with good information and merit. Posting "HOW DO I FIX....." Threads are not to be put here - use another appropiate section. B-Rad and others that have had their threads deleted take it as a warning not to post **** here.

Things that a good technical articles has:
* Technical Information
* Plenty of Pictures and Diagrams
* Prices of components
* Clear and legible steps and instructions - try to break it up in steps instead of a huge slab of text wtih no formatting and/or punctuation.
* Write in proper english.... do not abbreviate and type like your sending SMSs to your fully sik habibs.
* Know what your talking about - if you do not know say that you are not sure - Quite simple!
* Try to reference / scan VL workshop manuals for clarification.

Secondly, look to see if your topic/article has been posted before, If so - post your recommendations in that thread as well as steps etc, just like its outlined above. There maybe more than one way to do it, and perhaps your information may be better than what is already given.

Enjoy and keep those technical articles coming!
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man i am not sure its allowed scanning of manuals ... not to say dont do it just announcing it may cross certain borders... i hope i am wrong but thats more of a friend to friend private thing
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From my experience in copyright,you can reference a diagram but give credit,
though strictly speaking one must gain permission even for partial duplication.
These days though with most of the car being obsolete (re VLs), I think GMH
would be in far more trouble drawing negative attention to themselves if they did
object to just a line drawing out of one page...!
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