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How to install HSV Coulson seats in a VL

Hey CT,
Recently installed hsv coulsons into my 87' VL Berlina. Figured I'd give everyone a run down on how to do it.

I did this, however I am not a professional installer. I'm simply trying to help my fellow CT members out. I don't take any responsibility if your seats snap off the floor because you've used the wrong materials or done it incorrectly. I am not sure if this is legal/roadworthy or not. Therefore take no responsibility if you chose to do this in your car.

Tools needed:
6mm Allen (hex) key SOCKET
1/4 or 3/8 ratchet.
Drill with 8mm drill bit
13mm spanner
13mm socket

Step 1:
Begin removing your drivers seat with the front 2 6mm cap head bolts running into the floor. Then slide the seat forward and remove both rears. DON'T USE AN ALLEN KEY!!! There's another thread on CT about removing your seats. Clean all the bolts with WD-40 or a rust penatrant and use a ratchet or breaker bar. You won't get the proper leverage with an Allen key and you'll slip off and strip the bolt and your project will be over be its even begun.

Step 2:
Once the drivers seat is removed roll it over till you can see the bottom of the seat/rail. You'll see 4 bolts in each corner connecting the rail to the seat frame. Undo them and separate rail and seat.

Step 3:
Measure the distance between each hole on the VL rail and mark out on the 'Coulson' seat frame where you need to drill. Using a drill with an 8mm drill bit, drill 4 wholes in the bottom of the seat frame. Remember that it's reasonably tough steel your drilling through. So make sure to use a good drill/bit.

Step 4:
Once the 4 holes are done you can line up the VL rail and 'Coulson' seat frame. I used 4 high tensile bolts with nylock nuts to mount the frame to the rail. Youll also notice that the VL seat height adjuster is still connected to the rail. I removed the plastic mould from the coulson and the height adjuster fitted and functions fine. Once they're secure you can put your drivers seat back in. I got brand new cap heaps from bunnings for about $4. Definitely worth it.

Step 5:
Remove your passenger seat. Simply undo the same 4 cap heaps as the driers side.

Step 6:
Now that the seat is out you'll see that the passenger side floor is uneven. This is a problem because the coulson requires a flat surface. On the VL seat there is a 50mm spacer welded to the frame. I simply got a 50x30 piece of rectangular steel tubing and cut it too the same size as the one welded to VL seat frame. Then drill 2 holes in the same space as the VL rail and mount the spacer to the rail. I used 8x75mm high tensile hex heads that went through the

1. rail- 2. Spacer- 3. seat frame

So all 3 are mounted together. Then drill 2 more holes on the flat side of the coulson seat frame and mount the rail that will run on the high part of the floor close to the tunnel. Again using high tensile bolts and nylock nuts.

Step 7:
Install your passenger side coulson to the floor in the same 4 spots as I originally sat.

This process should not be rushed. It's fairly simple to do and easy with the right equipment. If you've just spent $2000 on hsv interior you don't want it to look dodgy and hacked together.

I hope this has helped anyone trying to have a nice interior and doesn't wanna pay $600 for an engineer to do the same process.

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Nice article. Thank you.
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Good work mate. What about the back seats?
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