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HOW TO: Make your central locking work AWESOME!

OK since i didnt get the complete harness for my central locking i decided to make my own system up, but still retaining the original central locking motors and the original door switches.

This is wiring for the STEELMATE central locking module that car be bought from JAYCAR for $15

First up, locate your loom thats for the central locking and power windows.

I didnt have to do this as i was installing the loom whilest doing all the other stuff.

You have red and black on the box, obviously positive and negative....positive needs a 15A fuse inline to the battery or wherever you get your 12v from, negative can just ground to the body.

Black wire thick and thin get grounded.

Brown and White wire connect to the original double blue and double brown wires on the SWITCH loom located inside the front drivers or passengers door, mine is connected to the drivers door only as i only had 1 switch set, it is NOT connected to the main loom, didnt try to as it might interfere with something else.

the 3rd single brown wire gets earthed to the door.

Now connect the blue and green wires from the box to the gray and yellow wires on the loom.

Check that when you LOCK the door the doors LOCK! and when you unlock bla bla bla......

If you lock the key and the doors are unlocking, simple reverse either the brown and white wires to the switch loom or the blue and green wires that go to the actuators.

By now you should have a brown and a white wire left over at the end of the box, these connect to your alarm/immobiliser central locking outputs or simply tape them up and leave them disconnected if you dont have an alarm.

And presto, super central locking! Works 110% better than the factory system i reckon and should work for a looooooong time coming.

Have fun fellas!

Any problems, PM ME
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