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The VZ motors are **** weak, like honestly ive got two close friends who both have VZ's, one he blew the rear main, so he got himself a new motor, the second friend blew the head.

The reason for this is to many dougnuts and not enough oil lubricating the pistons as all the oil goes to one side.

Apparently you can get a high velocity sump for them or something like this, i would look into that rather then waisting money on performance mods.

I still think its worth driving a VLT on your P's, show coppers the proof you can drive them , show them articles written and specially the ones on vic roads and have a calculator ready so you can show them how to work out the power to weight ratio and so that they can see it is under.

And most of all be nice to them not a smart ass.
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power to weight ratio the people that have them laws would be almost OFF their P's by now.
others cannot drive v8s or turbo'd cars at all.

so yeah
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