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Bugger that man.
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after a decent set of wheels for it? PM ME if ya r... cheers
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i dont think the kid wants wheels, he just crashed you inconsiderate ****!
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The irregular one
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boggy wtf you on about? im smahsed lol!!!
Originally Posted by 7FOUR7
Lets all go smoke some weed while cutting hoops outside the cop shop yewww
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this is a very nice piece of work mate. from near to nothing to this. you're really dedicated and must love this car heaps. An as for that F*** head that cut you off, i wish death upon him. very nice mate. awesome paint job too. very good indeed. keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by mrvlbrlna
naa its not green, decided againts green ages ago lol ive pm'd a few mods but none of them will change my threads name to 'My Black Over Silver Berlina Project' lol

looks like i might not have to pay for her damage, turns out she DID have insurance but just didnt want to tell me at the time lol
anyway the insurance company rang me and told me the best way to sort all this out is for me to just pay her excess (only like $800) to get her car fixed and just repair my car myself
i am just gonna do that and pay the 200 fine and then i should be all out of the sh!t and back to puttin all the time, effort and money into the vl

im *hoping* to have the car back to its uncrahsed state in time for the qld cruise for charity but i wont get my hopes up

Mate I can count at least 3 signs in those photos of the roundabout, I dont know what youre talking about.

Sucks you crashed, but lets not go pointing fingers all over the place. you might not be at fault but theres plenty of signs.
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Old 08-08-07, 20:00   #157
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haha i would like a new set of wheels for it lol but i have no money and yea its kinda in need of a nose job before i go spendin on rims lol

i sorta got it lookin like car again till i can afford to buy new guard, bonnet, bumper, radiator support (tho i can probably fix that at work, dunno) still goes fine just looks a bit bodgy but its all i can do 4 now as its my only transport

thanks for all the comments guys i just hope i can fix it and finish it and make it look like a respectable vl again
Live fast - Party hard - Die young
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Ninja Sh!t
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you must be gutted thats a real shame it was looking mint
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Old 09-08-07, 01:35   #159
Fear is exciting for me
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yeh, there is 2 maybe 3 give way signs, you should come to almost a complete stop and check if any vehicles are coming, you dont need a line to see wehre to stop
Originally Posted by elz View Post
if u hear eddys vl - jet3lt, it sounds like a bunch of budgies coming at you, and one big pigeon
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wow, this thread has totally inspired me man
im hell excited to get mine on the road now
mine needs a **** load done to it though
kinda like yours at the very beginning
except mines a 87 vl commodore
im also considering taking up an apprenticeship in auto repairs
wats it like anyways?
LA Custom Art - Airbrushing and Designs
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