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Hey guys, lookin at buyin a VL Calais, questions.

G'day guys.

Iv been looking at buying a Vl Calais Turbo, its a automatic... White/grey color, with 160,000 km on it. Its more a weekend car from the original owner, but will be driven daily if i choose to get it, its been well looked after its whole life, regular services etc, not really driven hard.

Just wondering, what performance would such a car do in complete stock condition? (ie quarter mile).

And am i likely to see any major mechanical problems in the near future?

I know there pritty vague questions, but if any could be answered id be much appreciated.

Btw, he has $10,500 on the car... it is completely imaculate inside and out.
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maybe a high 15 if your lucky, wack a cooler and boost controller on it and you're seeing easy low 14's

mines for sale on sunny coast, vl calais turbo, auto, white over silver, 202,000, daily driven (healthier to drive a car than touch it once a weekend), regularly serviced, maintained, 3", superlows, $600 mongoose alarm/keyless, healthy running motor, never driven cold, turbo timer, not thrashed either, but not so gentle on it that the bores are going to glaze over :P, walkys, fuel mixtures always had an eye kept on them, 6 basically brand new genuine injectors (~30,000k's, flow tested etc), and i have $10,000 ono on it, willing to go into the 9's, ps i'm on the sunny coast

did have a cooler on it, ran around 10psi, never got it near a dyno so didn't get to boost it up, ran a red arrow and did 82 in a 70, no licence so i'm selling her, contact me if your keen.
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You would expect too have problems with a car that age it's normal...If it's going to be driven daily make sure you mod it proper...Is the car at northside of brisbane?
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general problems you'll possibly face buying a second hand vlt are:

1. Auto transmission has probably seen better days, but they are generally pretty strong until you go chasing more power. a lot of people rebuild the auto as most have seen 200,000km's

2. vl and vlt heads are prone to overheating. make sure its regularily serviced, and if the temp gauge rises you know somethings wrong can be costly to machine a new head etc

3. AFM sensor will go out of tune, easily fixed with a multimeter and reset to 387 OHMS

4. CAS usually dies - easy fix and will cost you around 100 bucks to repair

5. most vlts have been thrashed (as they were meant to be) and a lot require rebuilds. A lot are still going strong though, so keep a good eye out for a nice runner

6. A lot of standard vlt T3 turbo's have seen better days, and have a lot of play in their shafts. a lot get rebuilt or swapped for a bigger item, Hiflow, T4, T60, T66, any of the GT series etc.

Some of the more likely things that can occur. don't forget they are a good car, just treat them nicely and service it regularily.

Good luck!

Too old for VL's now...:(
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VLs always in the heart
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Greg made some good points. Depending on how well the car has been maintained during its life is an idication of what problems you may encounter later down the track. Dont think that grandpa vlt's are the best, my first vlt was a calais turbo auto with low km's on it owned by an older guy, it hadn't been maintained well and i spent thousands and thousands on items that should have already been replaced, and things which had probably never been replaced in the entire life on the car. My second and current car is a 5spd vlct which has been maintained spot on all its life and i have only had minor problems with it, as you would expect with a 17 year old car.

Quarter mile times, for a stock auto vlt around the mid 15's. Add a cooler, a bit of boost and a 3 inch exhaust and you will get in the high 13's.
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Look for rust around the screens, under rear guards, in boot wells, boot floor, under boot seal, these are the hotspots on VL's to check.

Rust has to be the biggest bugger with these cars, it costs big money to repair it in the areas that vl get it, then you have to match the paint, and so on.

If you can get a straight car with little to no rust, it would be worth the extra $.

If not, look for the problems, then bargain him down from there.
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