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So Much Win
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InsaneVL - TRB30 Calais Turbo

Well, its about time I put my car up here for everyone to see.

I picked up the car in Dec 2003 from Rubin from these boards. When I picked it up the modifications were 9psi of boost, 3" Exhaust, Group A kit, Turbo Timer, Brass Button Clutch, woodgrain steering wheel, CD Player, Boost Guage, and 17" Rims.

The car came from factory as a Platinum Gold Calais Turbo with Sandalwood Leather Interior and Auto (which has been changed over to a MX7 5 Speed).

First Thing done to the car was to add an Alarm/Immoboliser (how on earth it didn't recieve one earlier), and not long after the woodgrain steering wheel was ditched for an AutoTecnica Steering Wheel.

A DEFI Heads Up Display was also added behind the boost guage and will measure Speed (in KPH and MPH), Revs (up to 10000 RPM), Trip KMS (2 of, count up, and count down from settable start), Clock, Timing (H and M), and Also has a 1/4 Mile timer (counts down from 3 and starts timing for you to cover 400m).

The car was purchased with its A/C removed for reasons unknown, so suitable replacement A/C was put back in its place (can't have a Calais without A/C and all the luxuries !!)

A little bit later, Personalised plates were purchased to make the car even more identifyable and make it look a bit better. The combination TRB30 was still available from PPQ, so that made its way onto my car.

The car was Dyno'd at this stage, making 197 RWHP on 9 psi.

After a little while of driving the car around wishing for a little more stick, a Nizpro style Intercooler and suitable piping was purchased and installed. The clutch fan was removed to move the radiator back and a thermo was put on the front to keep it all cool. The piping route meant the airbox had to be removed aswell and in its place a Pod Filter was installed. This will end up being covered over to make it legal.

You can't have an Intercooler without more boost, so a TurboSmart dual stage Boost Controller also made its way onto the car. The High/Low Boost switch has been intergrated into a Wagon Satelite switch so that the Tailgate Windscreen Wiper button will toggle the boost from High to Low. Also to make sure I knew if I was on High or Low boost, the toggle switch was also put through the "PWR" switch on the dash (as I don't need it for the Auto anymore) so it displays "PWR" when on High boost, and disappears on Low Boost. Low boost is set to 9 psi, and High boost set to a conservative 12 psi.

The car is yet to have another Dyno and is also yet to be taken down the 1/4 mile, however, on 12 psi, I'm confident of making 230 RWHP or above and should see the 1/4 covered in less than 14 sec (high 13's possibly).

On the cards for the future is some larger brakes (VT Twin Pistons possibly), a larger camshaft (only a mild one though, nothing that needs a new computer), Lowering of the car by about 1.5", and LSD in the diff as traction problems are becoming and issue on high boost at the moment.

More pictures of the car can be found at

The Grumpy one.
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I wish I had an XE Falcon
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you could have cleaned the black soot of the bumper bar mark , cmon man
6BOOST Turbo Manifolds - 0410 730 598
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Nice pics Mark Put those seatcovers back on man LOL
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nice cooler there mark hehe looks good man
Next Up Performance
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Lookin good.
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