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Blu 747

James' VL BLU 747

Hey guys Ive been building my VL for quite a while now I've only recently been able to fund its completion so I've decided to make this thread to show everyone a little about my car an my ups an downs building it

Me and this car have been through a lot specially some people that are not very trustworthy but you learn from your mistakes
and her i am !!

Make / Model / Coliur:
Holden (GMH), 4 door sedan
VL Commodore "Calais" Turbo
Built June 1986
"Turismo Blue" Metallic over
Asteroid Silver

Engine Block:
Fully rebuilt RB30ET block has been rebored .50 oversize
Forged ACL Race pistons
New crank (balanced)
Ross TuffBond Harmonic Balancer
Spool H Beam Forged rods
The head is brand new with a full port-polish job
Cometic Head Gasket
Oversize valves, new valve springs
Adjustable cam gear
818b wade cam
Oil Filter Relocation Kit
19 Row Oil cooler -10
High Energy 6.5L Racing Sump

Extreme Turbo Manifold Top Mount
HPC Coated
50mm Turbosmart Progate
4" HPC coated dump pipe
4" Polished Stainles steel exhaust
Magna Flow 7" Round Muffler

JD Customs Bellmouth Polished Plenum
Match Ported Intake Runners
Plasmaman Billet 72mm Throttle body

Turbo & Intercooler:
Garret To4Z Ball Bearing Turbo
Rear Housing HPC coated
Plasmaman Polished Intercooler
JD Customs Polished Intercooler Piping

Fuel Delivery:
Fuel Cell
2x AeroFlow Black Pick ups
2x Petersons Billet 100 micron fuel filter
2x Polished Surge Tanks
4x Bosch 044 Inline Pumps
2x Speedflow 40 Micron fuel Filter
Plasmaman Billet Fuel Rail
Bosch ev14 2200cc Injectors
Plasmaman Turbosmart2000 Fuel Reg
Race works & Speed Flow Fitting throughout
Teflon -8 Braided lines front to back

Haltech Series 2000 Rb30 flying lead wiring harness
Haltech Coolent sensor
Haltech Air Temp sensor
Haltech Oil Pessure Sensor
Haltech Oil Temp Sensor
Haltech O2 Sensor
Haltech O2 sensor can Hub
Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor
Haltech IQ3 Display Unit

Haltech Flying lead coil packs harness
6x Bosch Ls1 Ignition Coil Pack
Space2d Coil pack rack
Champion Iridium Spark Plugs
MSD 8.5 MM Super Conductor Leads

5 Spd Manual R33 Gearbox
Nismo Slave cylinder
Direct Twin Plate 8" Clutch

Borg Warner 4 Pinion 28 Spline LSD
3.45:1 Ratio

Brakes / Suspension
VX Twin Piston Callipers Front
Standard Callipers Rear
Hel Braided Brake Lines
VX Hub adaptors VX Rotors
XYZ Coil Over Suspension Front and Rear
Nolathane Front & Rear Bushes
Whiteline 27mm Front sway bar
Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway bar
Nolathane Adjustable Rear PanHard Rod

To be Confirmed originally was blue but heading towards
stock grey interior
Roll cage have not decided yet need to clarify road regulations
Kirkey Racing Alluminium 17" Pro Street Drag Race Seats
4 Point Racing seat belt harness

I Think that about wraps it up may have missed a few things but I've done my best would like to thank everyone who has help me contribute to this car an helped me along the way they know who they are an the people that took me for a ride also know who they are but alas its getting close to being finished
ill post whatever piks i can find thorough different stages of its life

My first Set of upgrades just turned 17 and was aloud to buy a vl turbo mum wouldn't let me get a V8 haha /Hybrid Intercooler kit Jd Plenum Lil bit more boost i was heading down the group A body kit path but changed my mind an decided to go more towards stock look

I came across the engine i have now for sale on the forums i had recently took out a loan to do up my car this engine came bye an was to good to pass up just had to add forged rods Engine was built by Southside Engine Centre
after buying this a lot of my loan was gone so refinanced and kept going
Next i Gave her new shoes an new paint job Turismo Blue!!!

Purchased a Extreme Turbo Manifold Turbo an all the bits

Slowly but steadily getting there mind you from buying all the turbo an stuff i had the car sitting there for almost 6 years almost 8 years off the road without boosting, opened her up to put the bigger sump on , installing the direct clutch

Twin Plate Off Goodness

Bolting the skyline box up before dropping it in finally


Mounting The Cooler and assortment of bits an pieces Including the 4"
Stainless Steel Exhaust Compliments of CORSA!! epic welding

Onto the ever illusive teflon fittings and there speed flow counter parts not something i enjoyed doing an still have to do so many braided stabs an teflon hoses bending under the amount of pressure to get the fittings in the teflon line

Coil over fabricating time!

Thats how far I've got so far with my car its getting pretty close to being finished hoping for big numbers but well see how it all goes thanks for reading guys

Cheers James
myspace . reow

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Nice car mate! Love the colour, especially with the VX's. How much power are you aiming for?
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Here since 2002
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Great to see you have held onto it from a young age.
Nice job.
John Moyle Motor Engineering
1A Collins St, Enfield SA 5085
(08) 8269 3214
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good progress!!!!

great pics
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I love seeing cars stay in a persons possession for a long time.
Good to see you have persevered with the build, looks like it's going to be a monster
Hotside and exhaust fabrication looks mint!
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wow this is insane looking mint well done
I can help you see the light out of your despair.. You tie the rope, I'll kick the *****ng chair
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Hey guys thanks for the comments greatly appreciated , power wise I'm a bit skeptical not completely sure where all this was going to take me initially id be happy with 600rwhp buttttttt I'm going to try push for 800rwhp see how the T04z keeps up and we will see also depending who tunes it here in perth will be most important , i came to a turning point where the car was worth more to me to keep it rather than sell it ! Right decision!
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Car: VL Bt1 Turbo
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Organised chaos

---------- Post added 15-06-15 at 23:02 ----------

Bumpers back on

myspace . reow
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Looks good but why so many fuel pumps?
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10:3 @129mph
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I love it,
“No, no, no. There's no such thing as cheap and cheerful. It's cheap and nasty & expensive and cheerful.”
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Very nice job you have done with it mate. GL with it
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Car: VL Bt1 Turbo
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thanks for the comments guys is coming along nicely
fuel pumps really half of that would be okay obviously its better to overdo than to under do in saying that e85 burns 30% quicker than pump fuel an then meth burns quicker again i do intend to go bigger turbo and possibly 26 head so i will not need to change anything ect
myspace . reow
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