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Head unit in glovebox

I went into JB HIFI to check out some stereo stuff and I have the original cassette player and wanted to keep it orginial and was wondering if I could put the head unit in the glovebox or anywhere else without getting rid of the cassette player?
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you could, would have to chop out the back though.

if you're going to do it, get another dash to chop up unless your current one is already a bit ****
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if I had to do it again,
I might go with an amp and an ipod/iphone/3.5mm audio input connection.. no cutting plus you can have worldwide radio stations streamed via internet on a phone etc.

might be worth a thought to save the dash as they are getting rare to find a good one.
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i have thought about doing this.
i tryed finding smaller head units but they seem to come in a standard size you might be able to fit the head unit on the left side of the glove box depending on how big ur wiring harness for the head unit is also the anteanna cable may not be long enough i know mine wasnt. you could hide it under the seat or behind the dash some where and extend the head units face plate with cat5 or cat6 cabling if u got a spare ethernet cable you can use this. its not recomended to extend it more than 3 feet because of voltage change or somthing. theres plenty of info out there anyways. if your not good at soldering i wouldnt recomend it.

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sorry didnt notice that this was from last year haha
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yeah it is old. If you put it under the dash above the passengers right foot the original loom and wiring fits from behind the dash. just make the bracket.

though it makes a stereo quite easy to steal.
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If you are handy with soldering iron you could make an extension between the unit and the faceplate using ribbon cable.
gives you flexibility to mount the unit under the seat, and make a trim to mount the faceplate in the glovebox or even sunglasses holder etc. This can work great if you have your music stored on USB or ipod but not so practical for CD's.
You have full control over your head unit up front, but the brain is in another location in the car.
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