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Stereo advice regarding sub and amps packages plz help

Hey guys

Want to upgrade the stereo in my daily driver vs wagon.

Currently running this head unit

With a set of 6inch pioneer 300w fronts and rear kicker 6 x 9's

Now i want to upgrade the system to include subs (2 x 12's)

Few questions

I want to get two 12's for the back should I just go to jb hi fi/autobarn wherever and grab twins already in a box for around the $400 mark or buy my own and make my own box etc? (Could prob get better subs for same price doing this)

Most of them seem to be around the 300w rms mark is this enough or should I go for something bigger. Also brands etc? What would you reccomend?

Obviously I will ditch the 6x9's in the cargo area and put 6's or 6.5's in the back.

How much of a difference will I notice in the overall sound running with splits in the front rather then the 6's in there now?

Just a thought if it was going to be a MAJOR difference I would upgrade the fronts to splits and use those 6's for the back cargo area.

And then matching amps to subs and speakers?

If I was to get a mono block to run the subs do you just match the rms of the subs (eg JL 300w rms subs x2 run with a jl 600w rms mono block? )

Any help would be great if I can get away with spending as little as possible

Any advice welcome

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Thinking some subs like these would be ok?

How much of an advantage is it getting subs in their own custom box made by the manufacturer of the subs?

Details here
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Just go splits in the front and 6.5s in the rear doors. Just get a fair size 4chan amp I think I've got a 780w pioneer, just make sure you've got good quality speakers, not just 110 pioneers from autobarn..

It's up to you with the sub, but I went with a single kicker L7 12 and built a ported box to the manufacturers specs (80 odd litres)
That and a pioneer monoblock running at around 800rms at 2 ohms. (The sub could handle lots more).
I paid 350 for a second hand sub, which has lasted 2years thus far.
And about 1000 on speakers( 6s and 6:9s) amps and wiring, head unit was another 350 but I like the top of the range with them.
The amps and speakers were a bargain off a good mate, saved at least $700 but you get the idea.

Anyway this is in a vz, and honestly it's probably the loudest stereo I've ever heard, the sub is insane low to mid, it hurts my throat and ears..
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You Can Do Many Combinations Mate

Im Running 4 Kenwood 7x10s In The Parcel Tray Off A Kicker Kx400.4 Amp
2 Kicker Comp R's In A Custom Sealed Box Running Off A Kicker Kx1600.1 Amp
A Pair Of Kicker Qs 60.2s Up Front In Custom Door Pods Off Another Kx400.4 Amp Bridge To 2ch
And A Kenwood Kvt636dvd Headunit, Cost Almost 5k For Everything But The Sound Quality Is Amazing Even At 100% Volume Theres No Distortion And your Ears Want To Bleed Haha
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