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My VL projects, past and present.

Hey guys!

This thread covers the unfortunate loss of my late manual VL berlina, and the restoration of my new project/daily series 200. For those who dont know what the Series 200 is, it was built briefly during march in 1988 for the Australian Bicentenary (200 years), there was 600 produced and was build around the berlina body with a champagne gold two tone paint scheme with a Calais cross Berlina creme interior. The Series 200 came fitted with the factory additions including electric windows, air conditioning, power steering and central locking. The Series 200 is now considered "semi-rare" because of its limited build, however there are still a few floating around, and not many left in complete original condition or are more commonly worse for wear both functionally and aesthetically.

Firstly i have a few images of my late VL Berlina sedan. it was my first VL and unfortunately was my first ever car accident. The car was completely stock (with aftermarket parts, bumpers ect) MY favorite part of the car was the interior, and was extremely hard to part with!

The interior:

One unfortunate night on Clarinda road; it hadn't rained in approximately 5 days and trucks use said road to transport goods to factories.. So you can imagine it would be slippery in the wet. It just so happens i started driving home from a mates, the rain picked up and i misjudged the round-about (as it was a little more pronounced than usual) and spun out, demolished a keep left sign and my poor baby looked like this:

As you could imagine, i was shattered, i spent countless days saving for it, and being a student at 19.. i found it hard.

This is when i came across the Series 200, in which i acquired from a mate after his failed attempted at getting the car on the road. (He wanted to burn it of all things, so i, despite my lack in funds, took it off his hands).

Essentially i plan to keep it as clean and as stock/original as possible. it'll get a respray of the same Champagne gold two tone colour, maybe have some engine mod's to keep it running well or better for that matter. Keeping in mind im only on green P's and will be keeping it in original N/A condition.

Let me know what you guys think, any suggestions would be awesome. any tips would be appreciated too! Enjoy

:This was the day i got it:

The interior.

It's sitting on some interceptors, which i believe had the turbo hubcaps. im yet to find a set in decent condition.

The rear bar was broken, so i took that off including the front bar.

UPDATE: Car has just passed roadworthy, Registration has been passed (with only a minor mess around at vic roads!) Some issues that needed to be fixed for the roadworthy included:

- Set of new tyres.
- Exhaust leak.
- Rear wheel cylinders.
- Lower control arm bushes.
- Engine oil leak.
- Brake fluid bleed and renewal.
- Replacement catalytic converter.
- Crank angle sensor replacement.
- Servicing of faulty electric windows.
- Windscreen replacement.

These seem to be pretty common roadworthy issues. Wasn't to concerned with the infractions picked out, the roadworthy set me back almost $1700 as i did some work myself. Next on the agenda includes a few minor dints, rusted areas on rear lefthand quater panel, 4cm under windscreen (which i should have repaired when replacing the windscreen), and a respray. The respray will be the original two tone Champagne Gold with green pin striping.

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Latest update mate ?
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