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Wont boost under load

Hey guys got a slight problem after I've turbo'd my VL. It's running straight gas on a Sprint Gas system. It doesn't have any problem hitting 5psi in first gear but if I floor it in second I have to be over 2500rpm for it to boost and even then it hesitates once, it bogs down as if its not getting enough fuel and my AFM gauge reads below detonation to the point where the car doesn't want to run, anytime I go up a hill I will lose 10/20kmh just because I cant put the foot down and generally end up putting it back into 2nd at 60kmh and since it is over 2500rpm it will boost back up to 80 and I can cruise on that for a little bit, the power valve has been changed to incorporate a manual valve and also the electronic stepper motor with the 4 pins on it. Does anyone know what could be causing it to go sometimes and sometimes it wont?
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