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Nah man the gts look gooood! Just incase you havn't seen the SC thread.

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yeah they do look mint, sits ***n low man
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can see my brother's gts finishing a skid at 3:51!
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Yeah the GTS are good i guess, i gotta put the sigs on for the pits but as the gts have elastic band tyres =D hahaaa **** theyre nice looking pictures hey !!
aint life great wen my 6 beats ur 8 hahaha
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10.84 @ 126mph
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Originally Posted by TheChad View Post
I will say that I think I could happily go the rest of my life without seeing another Chev badged lsx dumped on the biggest tackiest rims $600 can afford... Especially those with a billion gangsta stickers all over them. Cruise for charity makes me like newer bodied commies even less. I went for a lap on the track, I didn't expect it to take 2hours+ to get on. I said I wouldn't go after how bad 08 was, and I'm gonna say it again, I don't think I'll go again. I was pretty excited for the event, I guess I just forgot how lame sitting in traffic can be... And ask jack how much fun the twin plate is trying to creep forward cod the ****rag infront creeps it in their stock standard apart from exhaust auto...
Agree with everything you say.................everything

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thats why i didnt go ^^
Originally Posted by TOEY View Post
nackerz i can't believe you took your car somewhere people could see it
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while there's been plenty of agro about the event, the cruise etc etc, let's not forget that the main reason for this event is to raise money for sick kids.

Being someone who has used the fantastic services of PMH, I can't thank them enough for the fantastic work they did looking after our daughter, so I was only too happy to pay my money for a great cause and got to see some pretty sweet cars too. some things didn't go as well as I would have liked, but oh well, at least the kids get to benefit from everyones generosity.
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boong chook
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i unfortantly couldnt make the 400km trip down this year.. wich i could have to make up for last years rained out cruise, but as injection siad dont forget it all about raising money for sick kids, bak in the day i was in pmh for coupl weeks and the money goes a long way. so althought the may have bveen a long wait to get on the track remember that, the event isnt just a cruise and time to do skids, although skids are good at times haha ad you do get to see some nice cars.
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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
hey James is your brother selling his V8 Calais?
yeah mate, its on car sales i think, he's firm on 14K, if not he'll just keep it. Beautiful car.
Kmart tyre and auto. -dominating the show/street/shopping centre carpark scene with ease...

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