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This is Todd's VS HDT Aero

This excellent example of HDT's finest is owned by Todd Hopkins from Goulburn NSW.

It started life as his run-around car while he worked on his other Aero, a Purple VL (AER-O57). It then turned into Todd's number 1 project when he decided it was a better starting point for his dedication to chocolate. Not long after his change of heart, both the VL and VS were stripped in his garage.

The engine in the VL, which was a 5.7 Litre stroker went into the engine bay of the VS temporarily, while the stock 195kW 304 out of the VS was sold to a mate to put in a Holden Rodeo. With no engine for the VL he bought a written off VL off another mate and put the engine in.

The VS was then shipped off to Sydney, Advanced Airbrush in particular, to be transformed into a the car it is today. Todd has one instruction for the paintwork - "make it look like a chocolate bar being unwrapped." Under the airbrush work, the paint is actually standard with a bit more of a metallic look.

While the body was being prepared, Todd was on the prowl for some big rollers. 20 inch Momo Status. This turned out to be harder than expected until he was informed of the wheels off the BEAST ute where for sale, so a trip to Roman AutoTek to pick up his wheels, only finding that 3 of them had gone missing, and Roman AutoTek, being the good people they are, found Todd the last set of 20 inch Momo Status wheels in existence, unfortunately, they where made for a Mercedes. When fitting time came he found out the wheels would not fit without modifying, so the wheels where re-drilled and machined to fit the commodore.

Next on the list to fit the wheels was to modify the suspension, which was done in by Mick and Joes Tyres in Goulburn consisting of Bilstein shocks and Quadrant springs, the front is now fully adjustable up to 4 inches up or down.

With the engine back out of the car, it was rebuilt using and new rings, bearings and lifters where put in. No extra work was done to the bottom end because Chev rods and TRW forged pistons where already installed. The heads where also flowed mildly and a Crane cam, Rollmaster timing chain, Crane valve springs and VT engine covers where also installed. Gases exit through HSV headers, into twin 2.5 inch cats and then into a single 3 inch pipe with a Genie super turbo muffler. A Center Force clutch was also added to the existing T5 box. And the factory 3.08:1 diff ratio was retained, as were the HDT rotors and pads and factory calipers.

The interior was next on the list with VT Calais leather seats in the front, and the same in the back, but modified by MJM motor trimmers to fit the VS. The door trims, dash board, roof lining and carpet where also treated to leather, and the bubble pattern applied to certain areas of the interior such as the front footwells and the headrests.

The stereo was next to consume some dollars, an ALPINE CVA-1005E head unit was chosen for the inbuilt TV, which is used to watch DVDs, VCD's and to play the Sony Playstation through. A CD stacker was also installed, as well as an equalizer which is also Alpine. When it came time to buy speakers, Alpine was the chosen brand for the front, with 6.5" front splits and MB Quart splits in the rear. The 3 amps are also Alpine, 1 of the amps is used to run the speakers, the other two power two subs each. The subs are 2 MTX 12 inch, and 2 MTX 15 inch provide the deep bass. Also incorporated into the instal is some neon's and halogen lights and lots of leather.

There are still quite a few modifications planned for the car, such as Active Twin Throttle Bodies and a Vortech Supercharger, both of which have already been ordered. Bigger twin exhausts, four bucket seats and more stereo gear are also on the drawing board.

Even after $80,000+ worth of work to the car, Todd still enjoys driving the 6 cylinder VL which is now owned by his girlfriend and bears the plates HERTOY.

AEROBR has already graced the pages of Street Commodores, which was when it was still being developed, The car has also been photographed by Street Machine magazine, and will feature in the magazine in the very near future. It won multiple trophies at the Summernats like "Had Everyone's Attention" and a few stereo awards.

(c) 2002 -

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awesome car i say!
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People read these?
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Some People have either heaps of money... or are in a lot of Debt... Nice cars.. Go the VL
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VLs always in the heart
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ahh that VL is what gave me the inspiration to build my aero... mmm... simply stunning.

I know I hav asked u about 1000 times in the past year Todd, but it still stands if u change your mind.
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love the plates HERTOY

great cars!
Next Up Performance
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VLs always in the heart
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Originally Posted by Miz_VL_Turbo
ahh that VL is what gave me the inspiration to build my aero... mmm... simply stunning.

I know I hav asked u about 1000 times in the past year Todd, but it still stands if u change your mind.
hehehe. Well after nearly 4 years of bugging todd to sell the VL Aero to me, it is finally mine I have some nice plans for it, and i am so stoked and happy that it is finally mine. man i remember when i was 16 years old, saying "that car will be mine oneday".
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Congrats. Glad to see youve already got rid of those wheels that were on it..Cough....
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AEROBR is easily one of the best VS's i have ever seen. we saw todd about a year and a half ago up the coast in it, good to see he wasnt afraid to flog it. nice
Team Repco, Lee speaking.....
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yeah cos the **** had my wheels on it
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the **** huh....?
if i remember rightly i was told do what i like with em as the insurance was paying for new ones hmm..? lets just clarify that hey.

where did i see u boostn 06?goldy highway?in the rain?lol
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Just Playin With u
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who did u sell your momo's to??. i want them for my aero
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You Can't Polish A Turd
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AEROBR is actually a Tassie Car now. Cleans up at a lot of car shows for some reason!
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I remember telling Todd that I had sold my Calais to a female. He informed me also, that he had sold his & was about to trailer it down to the new owner.
And to think he was talking about you Erin!!!
Congrats, you must be LUVNIT
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AEROBR Came back to Sydney not long ago one of my mates bought it but is got stolen from the front of his parents house a few weeks ago.
I Find your lack of Knowledge Disturbing!!!
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I'm kind of a big deal
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AEROBR spotted, help us find it

A call was just made to our office by an anonymous source (thank you by the way) saying that the car had been spotted heading south west towards Corowa being towed by a Nissan Navara. The car is presumably on a car trailer and is under wraps however, as our keen source spotted, highway driving tends to place havoc with tarps and wraps and caused the sheets to lift revealing the highly unique Aero bodykit and intricate air brush work.

That the car is still in one piece refreshes hope that it may still be returned to its rightful owner in a respectable condition. If you're from around the Albury/Wodonga area, or on the way to Corowa i.e. Rutherglen and surrounding townships, please keep an eye out as the car is known to be in your area.

If there are any more sightings or any leads please breach contact with the Street Commodores office, or PM Stoney, Jack or myself
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did this car ever get found?
Originally Posted by marcg View Post
Ame Pridors have a froff factor of at least 23 out of 10.
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