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Memberships - 2003

Memberships are now back up and running once again!

Becoming a member is a reasonably easy thing. Here's what you get.

* A Membership card (pic coming soon)
* Discounts at our Sponsors. We have sponsors (see on the right) which also support our community. They are offering discounts to paid members who can show their Memberships cars or prove that they are members
* The ability to post comments and contribute information to the website where normal Registered people can't (Official cars/Readers Rides/Newsletters etc).
* On the message board -
* Access to the "Members Lounge"

* A cool tag on the message board to identify you are an Official Member

* Ability to change the word "Player" to whatever you want.

Why else would you want to become a member?
Have you ever sold or bought anything on the forums which has saved you more than $10? Have you ever found some advise on the forums which has saved you seeing a mechanic or told you where to find a part cheaper or saved you time locating a problem? Then why not support the website? All it costs is $10. Really, that's not very much these days. It's almost the price of a mazagine in the shop, and this lasts all year, and you get nearly as many articles as well! And you will be supporting a community that supports you.

If you would like to support the site, please email me with the following details.

* Message board Username
* First Name
* Surname
* Address - include your postcode! (this is only if you want a Membership card sent to you. If you don't, then don't include an address.
* Mobile Phone Number (optional)

No details will be given to anyone else, ever.

The best way to pay me is via netbank. Netbank is very easy to set up if you don't have it. Just go into your bank and they will do the rest for you. You can also direct deposit but please email me the date that you plan to do this!! I will give you these details when you email me your details.

If you have any questions, please email me


- Mark Dodd / sin
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