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I believe although my generation (21+yo) has excaped this by a few years i reckon its a great law and it came at a good time.. Theres too many si****s out there on the roads these days that ive seen with my own eyes so theres no excuse, and its ruined it for a lot of others.. I had a wakeup call 2 years ago when i rode off my beautifully running, perfect condition vs clubsport that i poured $ after $ on and although noone was hurt and the car was totalled its sad to say that most of the time p platers who think they are bulletproof even for a minute need a wakeup call like that, I didnt give 2 sh!ts about the car at the time and believe me it can end up tragic and for what?? A bit of metal on wheels? Nothing is more valuable than a human life, especially not a car..
2x well said
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