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Yes you can change your spring / shocker while the strut is in. but you will need to be farmiliar withe the assmebely as you will be doing most of this "blind". You will not get the strut mount past your fender while it is complete, the bareing cap must be removed while still under the apron, shocker shaft then pushed down enough to get the spring off. Now you can drop your strut down and undo the big nut holding the shocker in to the strut. As 5Spdvl says, best to remove the whole thing, but remember to remove the radius rod from the controll arm as installation on the k-frame end is a pain in the ass.

To remove the nut holding the strut to top baring cap use a hand impact driver with a 22mm socket

To remove the nut sholding the shocker in to the strut use a monkey grip adjustable wrench
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