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Aaaaaaand it's gone.
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You can do it while its still in the car.

BUT the easiet way is the undo the sway bar links, take the brake caliper off and remove the brake line from the strut body, undo the radius rod nut (on the K-frame), remove the lower control arm bolt (through the K-frame), then undo the three bearing plate nuts (on the top of the strut tower).

This will drop the strut well out of the wheel arch (once its freed from the K-frame), and all you have to do is pull the radius rod out of the K-frame. You should have this:

Then just get a pair of spring compressors, bolt them either side of spring, squash that bad boy good, then undo the nut in the centre of the bearing plate. Take off the bearign plate, rubber thingy, spring, and dust cover. Get a gland nut tool (or a big f*ck off pair of adjustable pliers), undo the gland nut (large nut that secures shock inside strut body), and remove the strut.

Installation is the reversal.
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