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VL Sydney Scene Meet Up - Tuesday July 2nd

VL Sydney Scene Meet Up

Harrys Cafe de Wheels Liverpool

Tuesday July the 2nd

7:30pm arrival

Harrys Cafe De Wheels Liverpool location;

All cars welcome, no VL discrimination. Bring your turbo, N/A, V8, HDT, HSV, standard or highly modified... BRING IT!

Last meet saw a record 65 VLs show up in one night. Lets crack 70!!

Cars cruised down from Newcastle and up from the 'Gong just for the meet.

Video compilation from last meet;

Picture thread from last meet;

This is event has picked up alot of momentum over the last few meets and can become much bigger.
I do as much as i can to organise, but its up to everyone else to spread the word!!


1. Jarrod - White/Grey VLT SL-747
2. James - Gold Berlina 5L
3. Steve - Silver/MX turbo wagon
4. Shane - Gold Berlina Turbo
5. Charlie - WTF30L 88VLCT
6. Roni - Yellow VLT
7. Baz - Blue SL VLT
8. Steph - Pink VLCT
9. Whitney - Purple VLCT
10. Adrian - Gold Calais
12. Swifty - Purple VLCT
13. Simon - Maroon VLCT
14. Daniel - VK RB30T
15. Patch - ZUTUTU
17. Les - Blue calais
18. John - blue Calais turbo
'87 SL VL Build Thread

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