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It all comes down to the certain situation, the laws are there so police have the power to stop people who are being idiots.

I doubt they are going to crush a tidy modified 5.0L VK with a lumpy cam for noise pollution as he takes off at the lights, but if he's racing at the set of lights against an FPV ute for instance, then fair enough. And they should both be charged.

The thing that irritates me is like Bax said the other idiots that are just as much of a danger to society, that talk on the mobile phone, speed and blow through red lights, just yesterday I saw some jobber in a camry go straight through 2 red lights only to get caught in traffic at the next set, this was just before 12pm with plenty of people on the roads. And these people who don't give a **** about anybody else are likely the ones who are driving suspended / unlicenced / unregistered etc.. and according to the new laws under type 2 offences they hardly get a slap on the wrist.
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