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New hoon laws. What's your opinion?

Quote: Campbell Newman: Anyone caught committing a Type 1 offence faces an immediate 90 day impoundment on the first offence. A second Type 1 offence will result in the vehicle being forfeited to the State to be sold or crushed. The second time a motorist is caught committing a Type 2 offence within a 5 year period they may be penalised with an automatic 7 day impoundment of the vehicle they are driving at the time. A third Type 2 offence in a 5 year period would result in a 90 day impoundment, and subsequent offences after that would include automatic vehicle forfeiture. A police officer can decide to impound a vehicle - it does not require a court order.

Type 1 offences are defined as offences committed in circumstances involving a speed trial, race or burn out involving:
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle;
Careless driving of a motor vehicle;
Racing and speed trials on roads;
Wilfully starting a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke; or
Evading police.

Type 2 offences are:
Driving an uninsured or unregistered vehicle;
Certain unlicensed driving or disqualified driving
Driving with a BAC above 0.15% or failing to provide a BAC sample and driving under related suspensions.
Driving an illegally modified vehicle
High end speeding (More than 40kph above the speed limit)

I can deal with the whole doing burnouts on public roads and racing etc, I can live with not doing that comfortably. In saying that, this is going to affect everyone of us, in a sense that any tiny modification that mr plod decides is illegal on the spot could see us loose our car for 3 months or forever we won't even be able to go to the corner store.

I'm in the final stages of my build of my VLT and I just don't know now whether to finish it, part it out, or de-register it and making it a tow pony. I really wanted to enjoy it out on the roads driving on the weekends cruising a bit and enjoying the tens of thousands of dollars I have spent on it. I'm angry, annoyed, irritated and loosing alot of respect for the laws and legislation of today's government.
I would love to hear what other VL owners are thinking and there views and feedback.
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