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OK I had to work this morning and there was ment to be an afternoon shower and it is suppose to rain the next two days. the odds were against me , but I decided I'm gunna chance my arm to get this done and just add extra thinner for faster flash times.

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I had the whole thing sanded and taped in less then 15 min. After the first coat I noticed the pitting in the old side moulds and trim was a lot worse then it looked before paint. I do regret not pulling them off now and burying them in hi build primer
To smooth them out. I decided to hold off on drivers sides moulds as they were the worst and I'll do them with the rear garnish and small front grill.

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The sun briefly came out so I went with 1 to 1 mix ratio to try and to get some build and smooth it out then added to quick coats of clear.

Its mainly the small top pieces of trim where it is really rough so at least they will be easy to pull off and flatten out some other time

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There was so much newspaper to stop over spray it looked like it was wrapped in a vinyl comic book strip

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OK today I finished off the moulds and put the tail lights in.

So now I am calling it quits on this car as I feel like I have done enough and being its the nephews first car he should be working on it .
Its being trailered back to his house tomorrow and I'll polish it next weekend most likely .
He is going to paint the fuel tank and the exhaust to give it an all over cleaner look.
Other than that and some cleaning I'd say its basically finished.
Its already been lowered and has a newish exhaust and some bushes done so it is basically ready to go.
Everything including the car from fuel pump , taillights , paint, thinners, oils, master cylinder and new pads right down to sandpaper and masking tape has still cost less then $1200 .
And it should look a million dollars when its all washed down and rolling down the street.

I will post up some higher quality flicks when she is all done
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