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This is how it looked when it first rolled into my back yard.
My phone camera is pretty terrible so it doesn't show all the spots on the paint.
first thing I put in a new in tank pump as the old one had disintegrated . flushed all fluids and gave it a good wash . then a bit of black paint around the windows .

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There was a few little spots where the tape lifted paint on window surrounds in last photo but they were touched up haha I couldn't leave it like that. Did a little bit of filler just on the small dents
Then there was a few weekends of rain so it sat for a bit.
Finally the sun came out and we started paint .
I did the door jams , bonnet and boot first separately as i have only been doing a few hours work each Sunday when my nephew bailey comes over to help and I find doing it this way it doesn't become a huge overwhelming job trying to rush to finish before the weekend is over .I've kept him as involved as possible doing the work and have been trying not to take over but it is hard when it stares at me all week ha.

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The paint is just that cheap septone paint from supercheap .
The white and clear was about 80 each so it was well "super" cheap.
We decided to add some jumbo holographic flakes so its not just another white vl .I find adding a pearl or metal flake always helps on a backyard respray because it adds movement so if you have a bit of dirt or something land in your paint it is hidden amongst the reflection or shine of the pearl instead of just a black dot in the middle of a plain white bonnet.
This is the first time I've painted a car literrally in a backyard since I was in high school in mums front yard. I'm really loving this project it is basically exactly what I did with my first car ,so it has brought back a lot of memory's and its fun to work on a car where not everything has to be perfect and there isn't any stress of money or deadlines.

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The holoflake is hard to see on my phone camera but in person it is ridiculously over the top. I'll get better quality photos up after I cut and polish it.

The next weekend we started the rest of the old girl
Masked up and then sprayed with the white base

Then some suspect clouds started to appear so I had to call it for quits for the day

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2 hours later it absolutely poored down but luckily enough the acrylic paint had dried enough so the rain didn't leave any water spots or marks.
The next weekend everything was remasked and the first coat of holoflake was sprayed .
He wanted a really dirty flake job so that's what he got.
The photos really don't show how reflective the flakes are .
You will see there is also a strong orange peel , you really have to bury the flakes in clear, wetsand then reclear otherwise the surface will feel like a piece of 80 grit sandpaper .

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