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Originally Posted by CrapCan View Post
Hey guys,

No spottings yet. Any ideas on places to look? Do guys normally chop up the non-turbos or just joy ride and ditch?

I've been driving around Glen Waverly and nearby suburbs all day and no dice. I'm debating whether to look for another one or wait it out :/

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I've been informed that the car is now flat black and has run from the cops on Springvale road. And the driver is wearing my ****ing cowboy boots!

Non turbo's are 9/10 joy riders , My yellow SL Turbo was stolen in late 09 and to this day no sign of it , not even a trace.
Sorry to hear its absolutely gut wrenching having your car stolen but be grateful they found it at least... I would of made him eat the cowboy boots
useless piece of scum trash would love to have 5 minutes with any car thief and my oxy kit
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