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Same injectors as always, Adam flowed them when he built the motor. Ive had them out and moved around when I put the plenum on etc (I painted the rail) so its highly unlikely that the same injector went back in the same place...It still runs the factory dizzy so is highly unlikely that No.4 isnt receiving the same ignition curve as the rest of them (another one of Adams theories). Clinton (tuner) and Evan seem to think the factory zorst manifold could be causing restriction and extra heat blah blah blah.
Dunno man im at a loss. Worried if I throw another piston in it will just happen again.
One thing though I did have about 30 litres of BP Ultimate in it but then I put about 40 litres of Vortex in it, I thought that was still around 97-98 octane?
Any one have any thoughts on that hole up top? Where it falls away?
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