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HTURBO - hey man! yeah the sound deadening is bomb especially in the doors. the mid bass is amazing compared to what i was getting out of my previous setup. i had to remove two of the baffles in each front door which sucks because i can hear the sound difference they actually made!

Originally Posted by ADICTIV
one question i got is why didnt u use the factory axis mounts in the doors to mount the speakers? wouldve improved the sound stage
adictv - the stock mounts are plastic, and are 6". my speakers are 6.5" and the mdf is 2 x 18mm thick spacers... the plastic would be pushing 5mm thick. to properly modify and firm up the stock gear i would have had to pretty much scrap them to use them as templates for fibreglass setups. mdf is easier and the sound difference isn't that great.

ROKN- i bought mine on ebay with a wiring harness and aerial adaptor for under $100 posted. also its a 2 din unit but one din is filled with a cd / sunglasses pocket.
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