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I don't really know what your comments about s/c are about, this is just the same rules as almost any heavily used forum on the internet, the rules are generally no images shown at all that are not-work-safe (nws), that includes everything from child porn to bad taste/racist images. If you guys are into that sort of thing then I suggest you move onto a new forum.

Let me put it this way, would you be happy if all the female members had avatars with guys flopping their wangs out for you? I don't think so, so same no-porn rule goes for everyone equally. As for mods not being fair about it, it's pretty obvious if you have a porn image, if you think it may not be suitable then you are most likely correct! It's all to provide a good, all-ages, family safe online venue for us to discuss the topic at hand (VL's).

I'm sorry if you have other views on it, we are ALWAYS willing to listen to new suggestions, but obviously no matter what we do we cannot make absoultly everyone happy (as is life).
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